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If You Blink, You'll Probably Miss The Maverick Order Bank Reopening

If you are looking to order a new compact Maverick truck, then you had better be quick because it is quite possible that the order banks have been closed even before they seem to have opened.
Posted: September 27, 2022 - 4:59PM
Author: Marc Stern


There's an old saying about popular things: "if you blink, you've missed it." That this old cliché covers the Ford Maverick isn't saying anything. The Maverick has been a wildly popular model since it was introduced last year. Indeed, the response from potential buyers of the compact pickup was enormous.

If It Seems Like An Instant, It’s True

If it seemed the order banks were only open an instant for the 2022 model and then closed, it was true. The Maverick was an instant hit, even though the first models didn't roll off the assembly line until a few months ago. The compact Maverick proved so popular there were reports of predatory pricing, even before the first reservations were turned into firm orders by Ford (the automaker let people reserve Mavericks for $100, and then when it was time to order them, the holders of reserved spots were allowed to turn their reservations into orders).

Ford officially reopened its Maverick order banks just last week. The MotorBiscuit reports that Ford is about to close reservations for 2023 Mavericks. The pickups are just that popular.

As the MotorBiscuit noted, if you blink, you are too late. Now that is a popular vehicle. Indeed, the site quotes the Ford Authority, one of the leading information spots on the internet for Ford, saying that the order bank may be closed by the end of the week or before.

Everything Is Happening In The Blink Of An Eye

Everything is happening in the blink of an eye because the automaker underestimated the demand for the Maverick. Plus, says the MotorBiscuit, Ford still has many "2022 backorders to fill." Ford is planning to close up orders to "focus on existing orders." However, you can "still order stock units."

While supply chain issues still impact various lines, "supply chain constraints for the 2023 Maverick are primarily related to new features and packages."

So, what is in store for the 2023 Maverick? First, a new model is coming, the Maverick Tremor, which will be aimed at off-roading and have rugged styling and "off-roading upgrades." The Tremor will be available on the XLT and Lariat trims. It will also be an all-wheel-drive model. No hybrid powertrains are available.

The Tremor package features a one-inch lift and "rides on dark grey anodized 17-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires." Ford has thoughtfully protected the undercarriage with steel skid plates. Also, a transmission cooler has been added while "half-shafts were upgraded to enhance its off-roading performance. The AWD system features a twin-clutch differential that can "be locked as needed."

Maverick Tremor Package Features

There is a transmission cooler, and half shafts were upgraded to enhance its off-roading performance. The AWD system has a twin-clutch differential that can be locked as needed.

The Tremor also has what Ford terms Trail Control, "which acts as a low-speed cruise control for the trails." And, as you'd expect, a Tremor Appearance package features orange accents and unique black graphics.

Another available package is the Black Appearance trim. It is limited to the XLT and Lariat levels and comes with "machine-finished 18-inch black aluminum wheels. Black covers the grille, badging, and side mirrors, too."

Interior Features Black Trim

You will find black upholstery on the seats and door panels on the interior. Also, the instrument panel is black. The trim package can be "combined with the Tremor package."

The 2023 Maverick features a $1,200 price bump. It starts at $22,195 and features the hybrid powertrain, though you can get the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine for another $1,000. The top-level Lariat trim ups the price to more than $26,000.
Other pricing includes:

  • The Tremor Package -- $2,995
  • The Tremor Appearance package -- $1,495
  • All-wheel-drive -- $3,330
    • A slightly less costly – and less capable option, says the MotorBiscuit – is the FX4.

      Some Final Thoughts

      Some other notes include:

      • You can't order the hybrid powertrain with AWD, though MotorBiscuit says it could change.
      • There are rumors of a Maverick ST, but they are just rumors.

      The MotorBiscuit notes that supply chain constraints are hitting the Maverick, but we "do know it's selling out quickly." The site urges buyers to get "your Maverick before they're gone or face waiting for the 2024 model."

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