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How you should protect your 2016 GMC Sierra leather truck seats from children's car seats.

An owner of a new 2016 GMC Sierra asks how he should protect his leather seats from his child's car seat. The answer may surprise most parents.

Andrew asks the question that runs through most parents’ minds. “I just got new GMC Sierra All Terrain and I love the all leather interior however I need suggestions on good car seat covers. Right now I feel my sons car seat will leave indents and more permanent damage to seats since it's strapped down.”

Other drivers try to be helpful, not knowing that they may be doing more harm than good. “I've just used a beach towel folded up just right to fit under my daughters child seat. Doesn't leave indents on the leather seat bottom and can save the seat well if your child spills anything. Once a month, I do take out the child seat, wash the towel and the cloth/padded inserts on the child seat.”

Experts tell you that you should never use towels or anything not designed specifically to be used with cars seats, because they may lessen the effectiveness of the car seat.

Silverado Steve from Colorado Springs found out from his friends. “I used to use a towel which I found slid all over the leather seat and was promptly scolded by a couple of firemen I know. I guess a towel can cause too much sliding, and a towel against the back part of the seat might affect the angle the car seat is mounted, taking away the effectiveness of the seat.”

Bill, from Virginia, says “My wife is a car seat nazi, so I've been well educated on the "dos and donts" of child seats. For most car seats, the only seat protectors that you can use are the ones made by the car seat manufacturer for the specific seat that you purchased, OR a seat cover made by the manufacturer of the vehicle. I went with the latter and bought the Chevrolet rear seat cover. It's a bit of an investment, but it keeps the seats protected from damage from the child seat.”

It turns out that most car seat manufacturers produce or recommend a certain kind of car seat cover. Also virtually all car manufacturers endorse a certain kind that works with their car seats. Most of the seat protectors have a rubber underside to make sure that the child’s seat doesn’t slip or slide. That is imperative, because any movement could cause harm to the child. Most of the indentations caused by a child’s safety seat will come out after a week or two.

It is also a great idea to use a large floor mat to protect your floor or carpet from spills and petrified food that ends up on the floor. Custom floor mats like WeatherTech can protect your floor and your resale value, down the road.

We also asked Caltrend custom seat cover specialists on how to protect leather truck seats from children's car seat damage. In a written reply they recommended their own product. "We recommend that they order Caltrend seat covers, either matching leather ones or faux leather seat covers for using during the years of having a baby car seat. That way your true leather seats get protected. And it holds the value of the vehicle's interior if you want to sell the car at a later date."

While parents are well-intended, it is important to never undermine the effectiveness of your child’s safety seat or restraint system.

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