GMC is the hardest working of the General Motors brands with a lineup comprised entirely of trucks and sport utility vehicles but thanks to a long list of standard and available features, the GMC lineup offers as much luxury as it does capability.
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Hummer EV Reservations Go Past 90,000 Mark, Confirms Strong Sales Momentum

GMC clearly knows it has a hit on its hands with the Hummer EV with the slick super truck recently making its digital debut in the Call of Duty franchise. But back in the real world, GMC revealed that all of this strong PR work and marketing has allowed Hummer to cross a key barrier in reservations
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GMC Announces $6,000 Price INcrease For Hummer EV, Follows Similar Moves By Rivals

The GMC Hummer EV pickup has rapidly become one of the most important launches that the brand has ever done. The all-electric super truck can go just about anywhere and coddle drivers in luxury. It's also very expensive with prices going over $100,000 in certain models. Recent changes in the broader production web though have forced GMC to raise prices for the entire lineup.
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Cybertruck Type EVs That Are Likely Worse for the Environment Than Most ICE Vehicles

Are you sold on the arguing point that buying an EV means you are “Going Green”? Here’s an interesting new Cybertruck-esque EV that environmentally conscious car shoppers will find themselves hating to love. Plus, why these types of vehicles could be a portent of future EV’s that will not be so green after all.
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How Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Are Vying for The Lead in U.S. Market

Everyone should know electric vehicles are rapidly taking more market share from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. But which manufacturers will lead the way in EV sales? The answer varies by region, of course, and much depends on the global supply chain, geo-political landscapes, the rippling impacts of the pandemic, etc. I will focus on the U.S. market since there should be rapid acceleration in U.S. EV sales, soon.