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People like Lyle Sweeter drive Honda, America's fastest growing car brand

One could say that cutting edge design, new innovation, and exceptional standard feature value drive sales for North America’s fastest growing brand. For me, it’s the dedicated people working behind the brand; people like Lyle Sweeter.

With Honda now two years or so into the reinvention of its entire North American lineup, it’s been one heck of an exciting ride for my fellow Honda fans. In my three years of reporting Honda, Acura developments, and new model roll-outs through Torque News, I’ve had the opportunity to meet dedicated Honda employees, dealership owners, managers and salespeople in the U.S. and abroad. It’s been a very positive uplifting experience. Take a look at my favorite Civic manifestation driven to date.

Honda associates share a common thread: I’ve yet to meet a current employee or retired Honda associate that doesn't love the brand -- and many of them have been on board for 20 to 30 years. That says much for an automotive brand that survived the world-wide recession without T.A.R.P. financial aid, and in recent years, tsunamis, 2 major earthquakes and a subsequent nuclear disaster -- all while retaining employees and looking ahead towards a safer, lower environmental impact personal transportation future. Yes, there’s a pickup truck in America flying the big “H.”


Every now and then American Honda Motor Company will honor an employee through their “What makes a Honda is who makes a Honda.” December’s tribute goes to 67 year young Lyle Sweeter. Much like myself, Lyle loves everything on wheels and is currently in his 48th year of motocross motorcycle racing. Crazy Lyle! I like the story line, check it out!

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