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Honda Earns 4 spots in KBB’s ‘12 Best Family Cars of 2017’

As our friend Hondapro Jason says: “How cool is that?” With some very good competition in all segments judged this year, Honda cost of ownership, fuel efficiency, standard and optional safety, as well as measurable comfort and overall ride quality, secure 4 out of 12 “Best Family Cars of 2017” vehicle segments. Astounding!

O.K., I’ll admit it, I’m a Honda, Acura fan. The brand is my bread and butter, and frankly, has been rather easy and pleasurable to write about in recent years, But, at my base core lies an “old-school” gear head, with a million miles or more driven in the seat of some of, if not all, the premium, and not so premium brand cars, trucks, and motorcycles, available in North America today -- and more than a few that have left our shores.

In short, I can and do write about several auto brands. I focus on Honda, because it’s part of my auto-motorcycle D.N.A., I grew up on the brand in Southern, California, and now proudly call some Honda insiders friend!

You have to earn your way into Kelly Blue Book recognition

Looking to the “12 Best Family Cars of 2017,” I’m blown away by just how good the compilation of finalist truly is. There is no questioning the fact that consumers, and more specifically family buyers, continue their unprecedented transition from yesterday’s family sedan and long-gone stationwagon, to today's tech-driven, fuel efficient, crossover and SUV variants.

Sure, there’s a minivan or two in the mix, but the crossover is king in today’s market, and Honda, offers a couple of very good ones in the 2017 Honda CR-V compact crossover/SUV, and the sub compact HR-V crossover. The awards keep coming for CR-V.

What constitutes a “light truck” these days?

2017 Honda Pilot sits right below Toyota Highlander in the 3-row SUV segment. I’ve driven it on more than one occasion, and rate it as a “bargain” in a segment ripe, with dare I say, overpriced gas hogs? That may be a bit harsh. Pilot is a very viable, 3-row SUV, that exhibits car-like drive and ride comfort, exceptional fuel efficiency, and available near autonomous accident avoidance options. Read my latest Pilot drive impression here

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