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Leaked Cybertruck Specs: Two and Three Motors and A Top Weight Of 6,890 Pounds With Rear Outlets

We have some leaked specs of the upcoming Cybertruck and of note is a two motor and three motor variant with the highest weight at 6,890 lbs.


Leaked Cybertruck Specs

We have some leaked Cybertruck specs from TFLEV and here are the details:

* Overall length: 18.6 feet
* Overall width (no mirrors): 79.9*
* Overall height (medium setting): 70.5*
* Wheelbase: 143* curb weights
* 2 motor 6,670 Ibs.
* 3 motor 6,890 lbs.
* Tow rating 11,000 lbs.
* Max tongue: 1,110 lbs
* Bed length 72.8*
* Bed Width: 51°
* Frunk volume 7.1 f13
* Weight capacity of frunk 420 lbs.
* Headroom front 41.6° rear 39*
* Legroom 41° front 40.9" rear
* Shoulder room 63." front 62° rear
* Hip room front/rear 57.2*
* No outlets in front
* Rear outlets 110v x 2
* 220v x 1

This information was shared by Matthew Donegan-Ryan from his account, and you can see the details here:

It's great that there are rear outlets, and I think that is going to make a lot of people happy who want to hook up standard electrical equipment to it.

The bed length is just over 6 feet, which means I won't be able to sleep in it comfortably as I am 6'4'' - not unless I can do something to increase the length inside the truck, which remains to be seen.

The 220 volt outlet can power a house, which will be nice for those that don't have solar or a PowerWall when the power goes out.

Also, there are various add-ons available for the Cybertruck, including a camper and mini kitchen.

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Upcoming Delivery Event

At the upcoming delivery event for the Cybetruck, Elon Musk mentioned there would be 3 demonstrations done.

The first of these demonstrations is going to be showing how the steel exoskeleton is bulletproof by shooting a Tommy Gun, 45, and a pistol at the Cybertruck.

In fact, we've already seen how a 70 pound compound bow arrow simply glanced off the Cybertruck when it would go completely through most other cars.

I think the 2nd demonstration is going to show the power of the Cybertruck by doing a tug of war. There is a video of a tug of war between the Cybertruck and a Ford F150, and it wasn't even close, with the Cybertruck towing away the Ford F150.

The 3rd demonstration will likely include showing how the rear outlets can be used to power devices or even do dual-power to give your home or another vehicle power - kind of like using the Cybertruck as a mini power source.

These are my predictions - it will be interesting to see what actually happens!

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What do you think about these leaked specs - are they true?

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