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Toy Tesla Model Y - Almost a Foot Long - Goes For Sale For $200

Tesla is selling a toy version of the Model Y - which is about 1/18th the size, for $200 on its website. The car is made from a die cast.


Toy Tesla Model Y

Tesla is selling a toy version of the Model Y, and it is nearly a foot long (264 mm) as well as 120 mm wide and 90.2 mm high. It is about 1/18th the size of a real Model Y. This was specially designed by the Tesla Design Studio and every detail, curve, and surface is replicated from the same 3D CAD data used to manufacture actual Model Y vehicles.

Here are additional features of this toy car - that would make the perfect Christmas present for any Tesla enthusiast:

* Cost $195
* 180 metal and plastic parts
* Detailed interior
* Functioning doors, front trunk, and rear lift gate
* Panoramic glass roof
* Rubber tires
* Steerable wheels
* Carpeted trunk and interior
* Seat belts made of fabric with buckle details
* 264 mm long; 120 mm wide; 90.2 mm high
* Weight: 2.178 lbs. (.988 kg)

This reminds me of my pinewood derby days as a youngster in boy scouts. It would have been really cool to have one of these all those years ago.

It also comes in Red, White, or Blue colors. The car does NOT come with FSD (full self-driving).

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Why Is Tesla Making This?

Part of the culture of Tesla is making fun things associated with the company. Elon Musk made a "Not a Flamethrower" years ago. Tesla has also made the Cyber Whistle. There's also a giant wooden Cybertruck that was given to Elon Musk.

I think it's the culture at Tesla that allows for making these types of things. It adds a certain color and joy to those working at Tesla instead of what could just be a daily grind. My guess is an employee had an idea for this and brought it up with someone, and here it is, now for sale.

In the future, Tesla could make these types of mini replicas of the Model 3, Cybertruck, and other vehicles it produces. I think it's a great idea to give to kids because it gets them thinking about Tesla vehicles in preparation for the day in the future they are able to drive.

Look for more little oddities like this one to come to the Tesla store for purchase from time to time. Do you have any guess what the next one might be?

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What do you think of the toy Tesla Model Y? Do you like it?

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