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12 Features That Come for Free When You Buy a Tesla

These are 12 features that come for free when you buy a Tesla vehicle. You don't have to pay anything extra for them.


Free Features That Come with a Tesla

The following features come free from Tesla. And, Tesla is constantly adding new features at no additional cost to your vehicle.

1: Automatic Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla vehicles are all equipped with a setting that will turn on the air conditioning inside your car if the temperature is getting too hot inside your car. This ensures that your vehicle will not get damaged by extreme heat.

2: Cameras

Tesla vehicles are equipped with cameras in the following locations:

* Back of the car
* Sides of the car
* Front sides of the car
* Front windshield of the car

There are reports that there may even be cameras inside the headlight of Tesla vehicles when Tesla releases their hardware 4.

These cameras give you blind spot views when changing lanes and great visibility when backing up to reverse.

3: Over the Air Updates

Tesla is constantly improving their vehicles with updates to the software running the car. One such update that happened a few months ago was making it so that the blinker turns off automatically after you change a lane. This makes it so that you won't forget to turn off your blinker, which I've done many times.

Another free update is when a light turns green. You can get a chime sound to remind you to go if you weren't paying attention while stopped at a red light.

4: A Phone App

There is a free Tesla app that comes with the phone. This lets you heat or cool your car from a distance. This is useful if you need to defrost your vehicle or cool it down after being in the sun for a while.

The phone app also automatically connects to the Supercharger network, meaning that charging a Tesla is simple.

5: A Glass Overhead Roof

Tesla vehicles come standard with a very sleek and nice looking overhead glass roof. This roof is incredibly sturdy and has withstood the force of a giant falling tree. It also lets you see into the night sky if you want to camp and look at the stars.

6: Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

Tesla vehicles come with heated seats, both in the front and back, along with a heated steering wheel. If you live in a cold climate, both these options are nice because they will use less battery than turning on the heat climate controls.

7: Basic Autopilot

Basic Autopilot is an amazing feature all Tesla vehicles have with their camera setup. This lets you pick a lane on the freeway and drive in that lane, whether it winds and turns or not. Basic Autopilot will also slow down or stop for cars in front of you.

8: Dog and Camp Mode

Tesla vehicles have two modes you can put your car in - dog and camp mode. Dog mode lets you put the temperature of your vehicle at a comfortable level for your dog while you leave your car. A message with a dog will be displayed on the center screen while in this mode, ensuring others that your dog is cool and safe.

Camp mode lets you put your Tesla in a power saving mode for situations where you will be camping overnight somewhere. You can even have it put a camp fire on the center screen to make it even more realistic.

9: A Heat Pump

A Tesla heat pump is a system built inside a Tesla vehicle that absorbs Energy from the outside air and then channels it back inside the cabin area as heat for those who are inside the vehicle. This is much more Energy efficient when you compare it to resistance heating, which is how other EVs heat the main cabin.

10: Active Safety Features & Safety Score

Tesla has a variety of active safety features built right into their vehicles at no additional cost. You will be warned if you are going to collide with a vehicle in front of you with a loud sound.

Tesla will also make other sounds to notify you if you are drifting out of your lane, or shake the steering wheel to remind you to get back in your lane.

11: Sentry Mode & Dashcam

Sentry mode and dashcam allow you to turn your cameras on and make a warning sound if someone is messing with your car while you are away. Be warned, this takes a lot of Energy to use.

The dashcam allows you to record and save footage from the front camera of your Tesla vehicle when you need to see what happened during an accident, for example.

12: Theater and Gaming

Tesla's come standard with a library of games that can be downloaded and played, such as Fallout and others available on

You can also watch Netflix or YouTube videos, assuming you have premium connectivity or connection to a Wi-Fi network.

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13: Bonus Feature - Magic Dock Charging

There is another bonus feature that I'll mention. And that is, Tesla is accommodating CCS charging at its Tesla Superchargers at no extra cost to others. This will allow others to charge at Tesla Superchargers with little effect on existing Tesla owners, who will likely not even know that the magic dock is there.

What do you think about these free features? Would you get a Tesla vehicle?

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