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Tesla Is Developing Property All Over the World

Tesla is developing property all over the world. What is this property and how will it impact the world?


Tesla Property

There are several Tesla neighborhoods in the world and a new Tesla neighborhood is being launched in Las Vegas, where every house will have a Power Wall and Solar Roof. This is going to be a grid independent neighborhood. New homes haveing renewable energy is going to become standard.

Fossil fuels are going away and this neighborhood in Las Vegas is setting a standard. This project is called The Arches and this will be 51 homes all with EV charging, solar roof, and battery storage. There will be 2 universal EV charges at each home.

This will be a net zero emission community. Pictures have been shared of the project and those were quite normal, but the concept is incredible. You can take the energy you don't use and send it back to the grid in order to make more money.

If Tesla can get their Power Wall and solar roof/solar panels on every new home, this will benefit Tesla and those people who move into these new homes. This will help if there is any disaster that takes the power out, such as a snow storm or other natural disaster.

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The Advancement of Energy

Anyone who has an eco conscious lifestyle is going to love living in this community. Las Vegas is a very hot region of the world and the solar will be able to soak up the energy of the sun very easily. Tesla is ramping their production of Power Wall and Megapack, and this is going to benefit new homes.

Tesla is keeping this quiet, but many of Tesla's super charger locations are also installing Megapacks. What this means is that Tesla can draw electricity from the grid and sell it as needed at peak hours. It's like buying low and selling high in any market.

Tesla Energy is an underrated portion of Tesla's business. Not only is Power Wall and Solar roof important, the Megapacks will be very important for long term storage. The Megpack will also be built with LFP batteries, making the storage last much longer.

Eventually, battery supply will outstrip demand and old batteries will be able to be sold and recycled. This will be a great time because that will mean the world has reached a renewable stage of energy. If I had a home with solar roof and Power Wall, I would sell excess energy during peak hours, around 5 PM to those that need it.

What do you think about Tesla Energy and Megpack, Power Wall, and Solar Roof being built at new homes and new Tesla Superchargers around the world? Will this help advanced clean energy?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

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