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Tesla Gets The Green Light To Begin Refreshed Model Y Production At Giga Texas

According to Wedbush Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst Daniel Ives, Tesla has received final approval to begin refreshed Model Y production at Giga Texas. Production is expected to begin in the next 7 to 10 days.

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Tesla is currently in the process of massively increasing vehicle production capacity. The EV maker is not only building two new humongous factories on 2 continents but Tesla is also in the process of significantly increasing production capacity at 2 of the companies existing plants.

Of these daring expansion projects, arguably the most exciting is Tesla’s mile-long factory in Austin, Texas. Since Tesla moved its headquarters to Austin, Giga Texas will be the factory closest to the headquarters.

This means, going forward Giga Texas will be the initial testbed for the EV maker’s newest, most daring, and bleeding-edge projects.

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Currently, Tesla has acquired over 2500 acres of land to build Giga Texas and the EV maker is still acquiring more land around the factory. To put Giga Texas’s size into context, Tesla’s Shanghai factory, which can produce more than 500,000 vehicles in a year, is only around 200 acres, meaning less than one-tenth that of Giga Texas.

In the past, speaking about Giga Texas Elon Musk has said “it’s about 2,000 acres, and we’re going to make it a factory that is going to be stunning. It’s right on the Colorado River. So we’re actually going to have a boardwalk, where there’ll be a hiking/biking trail. It’s going to basically be an ecological paradise, birds in the trees, butterflies, fish in the stream, and it’ll be open to the public as well. So not closed and only Tesla.”

Musk has also hinted that Tesla is considering building tunnels underneath Giga Texas. According to Musk, the tunnels could be used to deliver parts directly to the section of the production line they are needed.

We haven’t heard much about the Giga Texas tunnels besides Musk’s one-off comments. However, a recent sighting of Boring Company equipment at the Giga Texas construction site has fueled the rumors even further.

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Initially, Giga Texas is expected to begin production with the refreshed Model Y. We still don’t know all the details of the refreshed Model Y and how it differs from the current all-electric crossover.

However, things we know so far include, according to Tesla’s Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering, Drew Baglino the EV maker expects to deliver the refreshed Model Y, with 4680 cells and a structural battery pack early this year.

Besides the 4680 cells, there are several updates we know are coming with the refreshed Model Y. These include things such as a stunning new paint scheme that subtly changes color with curvature, a single casting for the front chassis, and significantly shortened wiring.

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All these improvements added together and based on Elon Musk’s previous statement we expect the refreshed Model Y to have a 475-mile range.

This makes the refreshed Model Y one of Tesla’s most anticipated products. And lucky for us production of the new Model Y is imminent at Giga Texas.

According to Wedbush Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst Daniel Ives, Tesla has received final approval to begin Model Y production at Giga Texas. Not only that “stamping machines for Model Y and testing is already in place and mostly completed,” and production should begin in the next 7 to 10 days.

Ives’ statement is further corroborated by Travis County spokesperson Hector Nieto who recently said that certain areas of the factory have already received certificates of compliance from the county fire marshal.

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These certificates were expected to be the last hurdle before volume production can begin at Giga Texas.

As of now, even though we have multiple credible reports suggesting production at Giga Texas is imminent, we still can’t be sure until Tesla comes out and confirms these rumors.

Fortunately, Elon Musk has said he will give a more detailed roadmap update at Tesla’s next quarterly earnings call. The earnings call will be held in the last week of January so we only have to wait for an extra 2 to 3 weeks before we get a more detailed look at the refreshed Model Y and production roadmap.

We will be sure to keep you posted as more information comes out. Until then make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited Giga Texas production and the refreshed Model Y launch is imminent? What are your expectations for the new Model Y? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla

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