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Watch Now, Subaru’s Wildest Florida Family Hauler Vacation Ever

The Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon is the wildest family vacation hauler they've ever built. Check out Travis Pastrana's craziest video yet in the family huckster.


When Subaru of America first introduced The Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon, we knew thrills were coming. Subaru calls it their 862 horsepower Subaru Family Huckster. It’s not your Subaru Outback family hauler. Do you remember the Subaru GL wagon? The Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon is based on a 1983 GL wagon. It's just not as tame.

Pastrana recently drove an 862-horsepower WRX STI at the Airslayer Global Takeover tour, an international series of hill climbs, auto shows, and enthusiast festivals. The Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon also pumps out 862 horsepower. But Pastrana pushes the envelope further with this ride.

2023 Subaru family wagon vacation

Pastrana takes the Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon to Florida for the wildest ride ever and a family vacation. We want to be one of his kids!

Subaru has been involved with motorsports since the 90s and involved with the U.S. Ski Team since the 70s when they sponsored them with the Subaru GL Wagon. Pastrana's new Hoonigan GL wagon has the U.S. Ski team's iconic livery and is the hottest GL ever built.

2023 Subaru family wagon vacation

Subaru of America just launched a new video below called "Vacation Shred," taken in Florida. We are glad Subaru continues the tradition of fast cars with enough horsepower to get in serious trouble. Pastrana is not afraid of anything and says, "Making this Gymkhana video was even more fun than the last one, except for the part where I broke my pelvis base jumping! That delayed the shoot while I healed up, but it was worth it," said Pastrana.

Subaru Motorsports and Vermont SportsCar designed the Hoonigan Gymkhana Subaru GL Wagon. The wagon features an all-wheel-drive sequential transmission, rear-mounted radiators, and an EJ-based 2.3-liter billet 4-cylinder Boxer engine based on the Subaru Motorsports RallyCross engine that can produce 8,000 plus Revs.

2023 Subaru family wagon vacation

The family huckster is mostly carbon fiber, including a roof rack, 80s rear window louvers, and a cassette player for your mix tapes. Pastrana uses the GL wagon to fly, jump, and slide skim across the water, which has a 165 mph top speed for racing jets. "It is like no Subaru Wagon ever before," says Subaru.

Check out the [HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2022: Travis Pastrana Goes Berserk in Florida in an 862HP Subaru Wagon. It takes you on "a Travis Pastrana guided tour of South Florida and brings heavy doses of bigger jumps, special guest stars, and a lot of high-speed insanity. No tires are spared."

Pastrana brings new entertainment and one of the wildest Gymkhana videos; there's a jet, a chopper, boats, a scoot-ski, 165mph jumps, "and more pucker moments than we'd like to remember," says Subaru. Check out what a Pastrana family vacation in Florida looks like.

If you want Subaru of America and Hoonigan to bring more videos like this, let them know in the comments below.

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