2022 Subaru GL Wagon
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New Hoonigan Gymkhana Based On The Subaru GL Wagon Breaks Cover

Yesterday Subaru teased a new Hoonigan model and said a big announcement was on the way. Check out Travis Pastrana's new Gymkhana car.

Subaru of America and Subaru Motorsports teased a new Hoonigan model yesterday and said, "Something big is brewing with Subaru Motorsports USA in the Hoonigan garage." Today we know what it is. Do you remember the Subaru GL wagon?

Subaru says it's Travis Pastrana's new Gymkhana car, based on a 1983 Subaru GL wagon. Last year, Pastrana drove the 2021 862-horsepower WRX STI at the Airslayer Global Takeover tour, an international series of hill climbs, auto shows, and enthusiast festivals.

2022 Subaru GL Wagon

In August 2021, Pastrana smashed the Subaru Mt. Washington Hillclimb record, winning the event at the wheel of his specially-prepared Subaru STI. Subaru used a specially-built 2.3-liter turbocharged Boxer engine in the STI.

We don't know what Subaru of American and Subaru Motorsports has planned for the new wagon, but you can be sure it will be fast. We do know Pastrana will take his new Hoonigan Subaru GL wagon for another crazy ride. Will he make another record attempt in the Hoonigan GL wagon?

2022 Subaru GL Wagon

The Subaru brand has been involved with winter sports since the 70s when they sponsored the US Ski Team using the Subaru GL Wagon. Subaru has not made an official announcement of Pastrana's new Hoonigan GL wagon but says it will feature the U.S. Ski team's iconic livery.

We will have more information on Pastrana's new Hoonigan GL wagon as soon as Subaru of America and Subaru Motorsports announces it. Stay tuned.

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