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Paint Is Now Peeling On Some New Honda Accord, HR-V, Fit Models, What You Should Do

Honda is having more peeling paint issues on some new 2018 Accords, HR-V, and Fit models. See what you should do if you own one.

Honda has had well-documented paint peeling problems in the past with older Civic, Accord and some Odyssey models. Now there are more problems with the 2018 Honda Accord having similar paint peeling issues. Some owners are reporting the clear coat and paint are not holding up and after three months the paint is peeling.

A recent report from ABC News says Buckly Underwood who owns a 2018 Honda Accord said just three months after buying the new Accord sedan the clear coat and paint started peeling. "It is eating there through the primer. I am scared it is going to eat through the metal, then next thing you know, it is going to start rusting," said Underwood.

2018 Honda Accord
2018 Honda Accord

Underwood contacted the dealership he bought it from, and they told him to contact American Honda. A representative looked at the problem but blamed the paint peeling on tree sap, bird droppings, and the rain. Underwood says Honda wouldn't do anything about it. "It's supposed to be under a three-year bumper to bumper warranty, but they tell me this paint is not covered under it."

2018 Honda Accord

Apparently, Underwood’s paint on his 2018 Honda Accord is not an isolated issue. There are numerous complaints on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. Honda also just extended the warranty on the paint for an additional seven years for 2015-2018 model year Honda Fit owners and it also covers 2016-2018 HR-V crossover SUVs with the same peeling paint problem. These affected vehicles seem to be cars with white orchid pearl paint.

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Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V

What owners should do

Take your Honda Accord to the dealer immediately and report the problem and make sure you get written documentation to what they will or won’t do so you have a record in writing. Contact American Honda Customer Service and report the problem to them. Have them send you documentation in writing also. Take as many pictures as possible and take a video of the paint peeling issues with your iPhone. You should also file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at safercar.gov.

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Have you had paint peeling issues with your Honda?
I have 2019 Honda Accord sport 3 moths old and started Paint Peeling on Hood its like ( 3 inch by 3 inch) Dont know what gonna happen next?? I have appointment with Dealership lets see what they going to say... i will update u guys soon
I bought a 2000, and the entire paint peeled off. I just bought a 2020 Accord Sport and now I'm reading this? Damn. Please tell me they've repainting it. Did you apply any coatings or waxes to it when you bought it?
They will send you to the collision center they will take pictures and after approved as a recall they will fix it.
I’m currently fighting with AMERICAN Honda and First Texas Honda to get my paint repaired. I have a 2018 Accord EX-L in black that has paint chipping off of it on the hood, roof, and trunk. They’re claiming it’s not a manufacturing defect. Seems like the clear coat was not applied properly and thus is not protecting the paint from anything. I’ve had this car for 8 months and I’m furious at how Honda has handled this so far. They’ve done nothing to show that they care about their customers that are buying their new cars. I’m not going to stop fighting until they fix this. I’ll update with more info ASAP.
I have the 2018 Honda Accord EX-L in Black and the paint is chipping all over. Supposedly a paint specialist from Honda came to look at my car, took pictures, and it was determined that "it was not a warrantable matter" since it was caused by the environment. Nonsense! I've lived in the same house for 37 years and this has never happened to any other car that I owned, including Acuras!
I have a 2011 Honda Accord. Paint starting peeling very bad. I made a complaint to my local Honda Dealer in I think it was early 2017. They agreed to do a “goodwill warranty” in which many areas had to be repainted. I still had to pay around $1,300 myself out of pocket. Months ago the area they didn’t paint are now doing the same thing and they refuse to pay anything on it. It’s inexcusable considering they are aware it is a defect. I love my Honda but will not buy another due to this. I’m driving a car I’ve taken very good care of that looks 20 years old
Have been waiting for months for Honda to respond to my warranty for paint repair on my 2017 HRV. The peeling paint is just getting worse and worse.
What color is your HRV and where all has it started peeling?
My Honda Accord is just a year old ya it shouldn't do that. My 2011 Accord coupe has some minor paint peeling (a nickel size on hood) but it's 8 years old so I'm not to concerned about it. A year old though ya that's not fair
This is the sort of thing that should also be posted on Honda social media pages. As much as I'm a fan of Honda... Right is right, and I can't imagine where the paint on a 3-month old car (or even at 1 year) can't withstand normal things such as occasional bird droppings, tree sap etc. I'm an easy-going type, but I'd be beside myself with disappointment and anger if I'm that owner.
I see a couple of spots on my 2018 Accord where the clear coat looks like it’s bubbling up.
I just purchased a 2018 Certified Used Accord and it looked great. the dealership did a great job covering up all of the clear coat issues covering small areas all of the vehicle. Currently seeking legal options as well as contacted corporate honda to complain as well as to be shocked they allow cars to be Certified used having clear coat issues throughout the car.
I just bought 2019 Accord 2.0 Sport Black. Same thing here! I have noticed it right away as I am detailer and I ma crazy about paint job! I went to dealership right away and they agree that is not normal but have to let Honda representative to see it and I told them I will wait for that person to see it but I let them know that I want a new car and different color because I traded in my 2018 LX also black and it had same issues but not as nearly as much! I an getting a new car or I will take both keys and leave the car in front of the dealership and not pay for it at all !!! They said they will give me different car right away but until I see it... also I took the car to body shop my dealership uses and they told me that they would have to repaint the entire car and THEY told me that it will not be even half as good as factory paint so that I do mot want on a 2 weeks old car!
Long time Honda fan, but no longer. Oil dilution in new 1.5 turbos, paint peeling in 2009 civics and others, cracking of engine block in 2005-2009 Civics. Good luck fighting with Honda. They have become customer no service and no responsibility.
Yes, this problem is more widespread that what your article indicates. I recently sold my 2013 Honda Pilot in White Orchid Pearl. The paint on the roof started to fail. Thankfully, the TSB was issued just after I had the vehicle painted so American Honda paid me back for my out of pocket expenses. Check out the Honda Paint Defect Action Group on Facebook for hundreds of other stories, pictures, info. There’s a large group of consumers banding together to fight this problem.
I have a 2014 honda. Accord pearl white paint,and it is peeling on. The roof..
I have a Honda HR-V 2016 with only 30.000 Miles (blue) The paint is peeling on the 2 doors. I took it do the dealer they took pictures the service person told me that apparently the paint was contaminated, that someone will contact me. After 3 weeks of waiting I went back they gave me a phone number to call I left several messages After 2 weeks someone (Jason) call me and said that since the car has 30.000 Miles it has not warranty. I will appreciate some feedback perhaps somebody else is having the same problem. Thank You Cecilio
I have a Black 2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0 that the clear coat is bubbling all over the hood, roof and trunk all the way down to the primer. Called American Honda Corp, and was told they have not received any complaints from other people who own a 2018 Honda Accord which I find hard to believe because I have been reading a ton of complaints online from other people. They gave me a case number and was told to bring it to the dealer for inspection. I brought my car to Bill Kay Honda in Bourbonnais, IL yesterday 9/13 where I was told the same thing, no complaints of any paint issues and after they inspected it, they told me it was something in the environment that caused it. I explained to them that I noticed 2 small spots the day I purchased it (brand new) after they washed the car in which they offered to let their body shop guy touch it up but explained to me that it might not match. At that time I wasn't aware there was a problem, so I never let them touch it up but now my car has approximately 20 areas on the hood bubbling up, multiple areas on the roof and trunk also. I am awaiting a call back from the General Manager at Bill Kay as he told me he would call American Honda and see what they will do. Based on everything I am reading, it doesn't sound hopeful!
I have a 2016 Civic, Argean Blue, with paint completely peeling off. The car is just primer gray underneath. Did a quick google search to see if there were any similar issues - surprise! I have owned Honda’s pretty much exclusively for the past 20 years and used to recommend them to EVERYONE. Unfortunately, I now strongly discourage purchasing a Honda to everyone! So disappointed!
Jen...did you get it repainted at no cost? I also have a 2016 Civic EX-T. It's peeling around the back window. I have less than 25,000 on it.
I am having a problem with my 2014 Honda Civic. The paint on the Spoiler started having little spots show up, and then they grew bigger every time I wash it. Now my spoiler is almost completely down to the primer. My Hood has small cracks all over it. Looks like lint but a closer look shows small cracks all over it. Now the top of my car has the beginning of the small spots like the spoiler had. I am sure it is just a matter of time before it starts washing away also. Talked to Honda Corp and basically was told, "out of warranty, not their problem"
2013 honda accord spoiler peeling off dealer refuse to fix it need to find out who put that spoilerbrickell when bought car they put a clear cot I paid $ 2000 for the addendum at dealer need brick ell honda in miami I told rick barraza before the three year was up iam an owner that investigates to many complaints on paint issues it is wide spread on the internet and the answers from honda that gives to owners need a resolution i paid a lot of money for this carok please reply call me at 786 351 9662 give a slutin ok i will not take a no from honda corporate or the dealer
I have a brand new 2020 Civic Si for not even three months. And now as of today I have fixed 6 chips in the paint. I hardly drive the car, and wax it always. My wife has a 2019 Accord Sport that we got last April and it is now my new touch up project. The previous accord she had had over 300K miles, was a 2008 accord, with nary a chip to be found? I had a 2002 RSX-S that never got chipped, even when i ended up behind some rock slinging trucks. The paint now has got to not only be thinner, but softer also. We shouldn't be seeing this level of damage so soon. Especially if we had no issues with older models.
I agree. I also had a 1995 Honda Accord with over 200k miles and even after a small accident on the freeway, never had even a chip of paint. I also had a 2001 Acura RSX-s until 2016 and not a chip of paint on that either. I did have a black 1999 Honda Civic that had the issue with the milky, faded paint spots but Honda did come out with a recall for that- still it was nothing even remotely similar to the peeling paint I am experiencing on my 2016 Civic. SO DISAPPOINTED! This has been the worse car purchase to date. I am a once life long Honda lover, turned 100% Toyota! My most recent civic experience has negated every past Perfect Honda experience... and I used to tell EVERYONE how Honda was superior to all other makes in its class. :(
I bought a 2016 HRV in White Orchid Pearl in June of 2015. Sometime within the first couple years of ownership I noticed a spot that was peeling on the roof. That spot has grown rather largely and additional areas have peeled since. It is also peeling near my door handles. One of the times I took my car in for service I inquired about getting it fixed and all the dealership told me was they don't do auto paint & body. Eventually, I got notice in the mail of the extended warranty. I will be going Tuesday to have them look at it. They said they will take pictures and submit them for approval. My car looks awful. I hope I don't have any troubles with them.
So you purchased the extended warranty in order for them to redo the paint .. I have that exact hrv it Bought it August 2015 - 2016 model it has started to peel off by the window and handles ..what happened did they do it at no cost or eventually there was some out of pocket ?
No, I didn't purchase a warranty. They sent out a recall/extended warranty notice on the paint color white orchard pearl. I called my nearest Honda dealer & was told to bring it in so they can submit pictures for approval. Then, I had to schedule another appointment to drop off my vehicle & pick up a loaner. They said they transport the car to another place & that place has to run their own tests (such as making sure you didn't already have it painted over or that isn't being caused by tree sap/bird droppings) & submit their findings for approval. I was told it would take 2 to 3 weeks. They've had my car for about 10 days and I haven't gotten any calls about it. The service guy also said only the parts that have been effected get repainted & if it expands to other areas then I would need to bring it back as long as it falls before the expiration of the extended warranty. He said he hasn't ever seen it peel from the handles/windows & it's usually just the roof.
They never sent me anything I have the 2016 that same color hrv
my 2013 honda accord when i bought my car the dealer put s seal coat now the spoiler is peeling off and also is extending onthe hall spoiler now