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Tesla News Includes Model 3, Frunk, Mobile App, and Stock

Tesla news this week includes speculation on Model 3 production and much more.


This week's Tesla, Inc. news begins with good news for those following the "affordable" Tesla Model 3. According to reports referenced by Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla owner and Facebook Model S club founder, the Model 3 may begin "pilot" production this week. The goal for the Model 3 is mass-production by year's end. The Model 3 still has not been revealed in production form, so if early models are to be produced this month, one would assume that the world will soon see the final form of this new model, which Tesla hopes will sell at very high volumes. Neither the Model S, nor the Model X sold over 1,000 units in the U.S. last month according to Inside EVs.
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Alex debunks the internet buzz that the frunk has some sort of security flaw. This past week, a video surfaced showing how the new Model S' front trunk can be accessed without a key. Alex says the instructions on how to do that were written by Tesla, Inc. itself and distributed to first responders. Either way, it is a good reminder that the rear trunk may be more secure.

Tesla has updated its mobile app for the first time since 2013 according to Alex. No new features were added, but there are some improvements to speed.

Finally, Tesla stock has another good week. Please watch, like and subscribe to the video.