Winter Vehicle Guide
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Looking For A Vehicle Good In Snow? - TN’s Winter Vehicle Compilation 2016

Torque News introduces our first winter vehicle compilation. Select stories about winter vehicle tests and snow-related vehicle topics.

Winter is coming. We all know the Game of Thrones expression by now. And it’s true that winter weather is about to slam the U.S. and not stop until April. Given this reality for those of us above the Mason-Dixon line, Torque News would like to offer a recap of some of our best snow and ice related vehicle stories.

Which Matters More – Snow Tires or AWD
We tested a Subaru Impreza on all-season tires against a Mazda3 with winter rubber. Guess which was better?

Tacoma TRD Off-Torque News Road Snow Testing
We had the distinct pleasure of driving the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma TR Off-Road in serious snow. We came away very impressed with the truck. Check out what We said about the tires and which 4WD setting was the best in our test.

Acura MDX In Snow
Our Parks McCants lists the bad-weather attributes of the Acura MDX. This story includes a video of the MDX blasting through the snow in Minnesota

Do You Need Snow Tires If You Have a Subaru WRX?
Denis Flierl makes the case that in snow, a rust-bucket Chevy with front wheel drive is better than a WRX on performance tires. See the results yourself.
Want More WRX? - Denis tested a WRX in a blizzard himself to draw his own conclusion – Here’s his test report

Lincoln MKS AWD – Power Meets Slippery
Our Patrick Rall tested an AWD performance sedan from Lincoln in the snow of Michigan. How did the Lincoln do?

Toyota Sienna vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee On Snow – Video
We loved this matchup. Can an AWD Sienna minivan keep up with a rough and rugged Jeep Grand Cherokee in snow on factory All-season tires. The result with shock you.

Snow Testing – Subaru Forester vs. Toyota RAV4
This one got the Subaru fans motivated to write in. If you have not seen this matchup, it is worth watching a RAV4 spank a Subaru Forester in snow. (More on page 2)

Can Hybrids Handle Snow? Our Test of the RAV4 Hybrid
This hybrid crossovr from Toyota has a unique AWD system. We tested the RAV4 Hybrid in the worst of winter conditions. Here’s what we found:

Last but Not Least – How do Luxury Lexus Coupes Do In Snow?
This story was all about imagery. Check out these winter shots of two Lexus sport coupe models. You didn’t know Lexus had two sport coupes? All the more reason to see this one.

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