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The 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport AWD Winter Image You Just Have To See

This image of an RC 350 F Sport AWD in the snow will inspire you to head out this winter.


We Lexus rear-drive coupe IS C and RC owners don’t look forward to winter. With horsepowers ranging from the mid-200s to over three hundred, or in the case of the RC F, 467 hp, snow and ice are not our bag. The AWD RC, IS, and GS owners, on the other hand, welcome the snow.

Slippery conditions didn’t stop Scott Wilson from taking his RC 350 F-Sport AWD out on a recent winter morning. The image he captured is worthy of a frame. Scott is a contributor to the Lexus RC Club on Facebook, and that is where spotted his photo. We reached out to him and asked how that image came to be taken. Scott told us, “Dusk is my favorite time of day to shoot - I love the contrast of a well-lit foreground against a fading sky – but I needed a strong light source for the front, sides and back of the car. I took advantage of the ‘snow day’ closure at my kids’ school to use the car park lighting that really helps make the paintwork pop against the darker background.”

Lexus IS in Garage Winter

For those shutterbugs that might see this story, we asked Scott to tell us a bit about the equipment and process that he used. Scott told us, “I’ve used a medium length exposure – 1.3 seconds on a tripod – enough to compensate for the fading light but not enough to let the headlights blow the shot out. A low camera angle on the tripod helped to accentuate the dynamic low lines and alloys on the RC 350. Tech Details: Nikon D4 + Nikon 24-70mm lens; f13 at 38mm for 1.3 secs. Single exposure.”

The vehicle in the image is a 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport AWD. It has been enhanced with an F-Sport exhaust. Sorry to cut the story short, but I am distracted by a search for Blizzak winter rubber that will fit a 2010 IS 350C. Let’s see; Blizzak, X-Ice, Conti ExtremeContact…

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