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Local Police Department Not Impressed With Your Slammed Civic

Sleepy little Uxbridge, Massachusetts is not impressed by your modified 1993 Honda Civic.


The sleepy little Metro West town of Uxbridge Massachusetts has an interesting police department. The officers there actually post the location and time of their speed traps live on Facebook. That is very courteous of them! They also have a message for tuners.

The image above obscures the text along with the post, so we will reprint it here. Heads up slammed Civic owners:
"This is my cruiser currently parked on Blackstone St. (aka Blackstone Street Speedway). The entirety of Blackstone St. is 35 mph, not 60 mph. It seems like when I do radar here, people are in such a rush to visit me. I'll be here doing radar until nature calls. If you feel like having a nice conversation, it can be arranged based on your speed. Please slow down, no one is impressed that your 1993 Honda Civic with 28-inch rims and fart can muffler can still giddy-up."

Now, 28-inch rims may be an exaggeration of the stereotype, but the fart-can exhaust certainly is not. Apparently, the local officers are tired of hearing it. We can't blame them. The "all blow and no go" fart can exhaust is one of the silliest modifications in all of the tuner kingdom.

If you happen to be in the area and looking for a scenic drive, the road mentioned in the post can be accessed off of Rt. 146 (the road that runs from Worcester to Providence) or Rt. 122. It's a lovely fall drive in a Civic.