All-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma goes on sale today
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Who will be the first person to drive home the 2016 Toyota Tacoma

The new generation hits dealers September 10th, 2015. Here is a recap on the new Tacoma.

Toyota fans will not have wait a moment longer to get their hands on a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. The all-new generation has changes ranging from minor to major depending upon which trim one selects. The big news, of course, is the all-new V6 engine and new transmissions. That does not take away from the many small things the new Tacoma will offer buyers. The Tacoma is the number one truck in its segment, with its approximately 17,000 units per month representing three shifts of production and a sell-out each month. Will the 2016 keep up this amazing pace?
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2016 Toyota Tacoma Changes
The new 2016 Tacoma has an all-new exterior and interior. Inside, the new Go-Pro mount may be a gimmick, but we know Tacoma fans like to take video on and off-road, so it won’t hurt. At the pump, V6 drivers will see a ten percent improvement in fuel economy while getting more power from the new engine. Towing numbers improve, but can they match the Chevy Colorado?
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In back, the dampened tailgate now locks. There is also an AC power outlet back there for tailgating and camping.

2016 Toyota Tacoma – What Does Not Change
There will be no diesel Tacoma for 2016. Will this hurt sales? We say the lack of a diesel will not cost Toyota a single sale. Those looking for power coupled with fuel economy may be interested in a turbocharged Tacoma. Our interpretation of the new Toyota/Lexus move towards turbos is that this may happen, though not it’s likely for this model year. The Tacoma also is still using rear drum brakes.

As Toyota moves from the 2015 model year Tacoma to the 2016 Tacoma, sales may dip as dealers and the production crew makes the transition. Look for the Tacoma to be back at its maximum sales of about 17,000 units by December.

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looking forward to new taco. fear high price of $40 grand for sport model to high. canyons very nice and under $40 grand.
Steven, You can get a Sport for well under $40,000. A lot of sources have released the pricing.