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GM to invest $331 million in Arlington plant, add 110 jobs

General Motors has announced yet another multi-million dollar factory investment – this time spending $331 million on their Arlington, Texas SUV plant to prepare for the production of future models.

The Arlington Assembly Plant is the home of General Motors’ GMT900 full sized sport utility vehicles, including the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade. Even though the gradual rise of fuel costs have caused some American consumers to shy away from the bulky SUVs, sales have remained strong enough that GM has seemingly made plans for the future of these models.

GM Manufacturing Manager Larry Zahner offered the following comments on the Arlington announcement:
"This investment will allow us to continue building award-winning full-size SUVs that offer better fuel efficiency than ever before without sacrificing the features and functionality they've come to expect. We remain committed to providing customers the utility and capability of our world-class full-size SUVs.

We truly appreciate the support we have enjoyed from the Arlington community over the years. This investment is possible because of the teamwork between GM, the UAW, the Arlington community and the great State of Texas."

The $331 million investment in the Arlington facility will go to purchase new tooling and equipment to prepare for future production efforts along with bankrolling an expansion to the Texas plant. This investment is part of the $2 billion pledged by GM earlier this month to help expand and retool production facilities around the US.

More importantly, this $331 investment will help support the future of this plant, offering increased job security to the 2,400 workers employed at the Arlington Assembly Plant. In addition to securing the jobs already in place, the retooling effort and increased capacity due to the expansion of the plant will add 110 more jobs – continuing to help the local and national economy.

UAW President in charge of General Motors affairs offered this comment in the heels of the big news for the folks in Arlington:
"Today's announcement of a future product and more jobs for the Arlington Plant shows that the members of UAW Local 276 have what it takes to compete and win in today's global auto market. Our members have answered every challenge placed before them. Their highly developed skills and abilities enhance their capacity to build world-class vehicles for American consumers."

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