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How To Get EV Sales Up To a Fantastic Level Like Norway

Here is a tip for all other countries outside Norway on how to get EV sales up to a fantastic level.


Norway is a great example of electric vehicle conversion. For the first time in history more than half of the passenger car market in Norway was fully electric. And this is much doe the Tesla Model 3 deliveries last month.

The news is so exciting for EV producers and Tesla that even Elon Musk retweeted the above tweet saying he loves Norway.

So how can other countries reach this level? They simply need to look at Norway and learn from Norway's example.

Some people may say this is easier said than done because in that case the countries need to apply huge taxes on ICE vehicles and add massive road toll fees for ICE vehicles. They also need to add zero charge fee for EVs. However, Norway is approaching the tipping point where EVs are competitive without incentives. But incentives still do matter.

Two more things need to be taken into consideration. Countries need to have lower electricity cost to attract more EV buyers and carmakers should come up with ways to speed up electric car charging time.

Yet, considering that Norway makes a lot of money on oil, it’s impressive that they have converted to so many electric cars in the country. In fact, the only other country with such impressive result is tiny Armenian, which has already transformed all its gas-powered cars to run with natural gas and is now working on a solar car offroad project, based on Jeep Cherokee SUV.