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Tesla and the Lego Principle of Building Giga Berlin Gigafactory


Building the Tesla Giga Berlin according to the Lego principle, by bringing and applying the prefabricated materials, greatly contributes to the astonishing speed of Tesla's first European Gigafactory.

We also learned from that Evan Horetsky is the Head of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Gigafactory Berlin at Tesla.

For five and a half years he managed to remain largely unknown, said Evan Horetsky last week at a Tesla press meeting on the construction site for the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. But that's over now: at the insistence of the journalists present, the man who, according to his own statement, has already been responsible for four Tesla factories in China and the USA, allowed his name to be mentioned, contrary to general house policy. Like, colleagues were also happy to make use of the friendly approval - and Horetsky is now increasingly becoming one of the few well-known Tesla personalities alongside CEO Elon Musk.

The fact that Tesla does not publicly name any names other than the CEO himself is a fixed rule in its public relations work, which repeatedly causes head-shaking among first-time participants at meetings. From Tesla's AI chief Andrei Karpathy occasionally appearances at trade conferences reported, at events for investors also usually finance board Zachary Kirk Horn, technical director Andrew Baglino, and automotive President Jerome Guillen and are known. Otherwise, however, Tesla managers should remain as nameless as possible, no matter how high-ranking and important they are.

From now on, however, the name Evan Horetsky should also be read and heard more often in connection with Tesla. According to his LinkedIn profile, the mechanical engineering graduate of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute is currently “Head of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Gigafactory Berlin at Tesla”, so you could actually call him Mister Gigafactory, as read in an article about the appointment in Grünheide was.

Brandenburg's Minister of Economic Affairs, Jörg Steinbach, later spoke up about this: He would have liked to have invented this nickname himself, wrote the minister on Twitter on Sunday, and published a picture of himself and Horetsky on the Gigafactory near Berlin. In any case, the name Mister Gigafactory is fully deserved for the Tesla expert.

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