Hyundai Transmission Recall

Hyundai Finally Addresses Its Transmission Problem in Tucson SUVs

Recent developments with Hyundai Transmission issue show that Hyundai is faced with a problem and a huge opportunity.

You may remember the first article I ever wrote for that detailed the horrifying story of a man who pulled out from a parking lot in a strip mall and found his engine could rev, but the car didn’t move, leaving him at the mercy of drivers who might or might not be empathetic to the plight of a driver betrayed by his ride. I said in the article that this issue had to be addressed quickly. Well, we have our answer now.

New News that is Really News. Read the following quoted directly from ABC News:

  • “Hyundai is recalling about 41,000 small SUVs in the U.S. because a software glitch can stop the vehicles from accelerating.
  • The recall came after pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It covers 2016 Tucson models with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmissions made from May 20, 2015 to May 31, 2016.
  • Hyundai says it started getting reports in June that the engines would rev but the SUVs wouldn't move after coming to a stop. The problem was intermittent and often didn't repeat itself, the company said in government documents.
  • Engineers traced the problem to the transmission control computer that monitors driving to refine gear shifting. If the gas pedal is repeatedly cycled, the Tucson's may not accelerate, increasing the risk of a crash.
  • Hyundai at first sent a service bulletin to dealers but decided to do a recall after meeting with the safety agency on Aug. 10.
  • The recall began Sept. 7. Dealers will reprogram the transmission computer.”

Wherefore Art Thou Hyundai Quality?

Naturally, this happens right after I dropped an article praising the rise of Hyundai from the ashes of its first car which had abysmal quality control and had a virtually uncontrolled downward spiral in sales as a result.

It looks to the outside observer that Hyundai may have gotten so proud of its record in increasing quality, rising to the point where its two brands, Kia and Hyundai, took the first and third places on J.D. Power’s ratings for initial quality, that it may just have taken its eye off the ball for a nanosecond or two.

Like they say “Pride goeth before a fall.” Was it pride, was it hubris? I don’t know, but I do know that this is disappointing. Really disappointing. Even more disappointing is that they had to be pushed by NHTSA to recall the cars to deal with this software issue.

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I know that you may get sick and tired of hearing me talk about the new paradigm of car manufacture created by Tesla, but, when Tesla has a problem like this, and they have had problems with AutoPilot for example, they rewrite the code and send it out overnight to every Tesla so affected. I’ve got to emphasize this. Because they don’t have the capability to send the updates over the air, the only way to deal with the issue would be to have a massive recall and do it at the dealership. They need, and every other auto manufacturer needs, to come into the brave new world and speed up the reaction time when faced with a grave problem. Do it. Enable your new cars with the ability to update their software over the air.

Whither Goest Thou Hyundai?

So, Hyundai is faced with both a problem and a huge opportunity. Their quality control rise has been phenomenal. Now they have to change their corporate culture away from denial and rapid reaction. They need to get with the new program. (heh, heh, see what I did there? Software, program? Okay, not that funny, but I tried,)

Seriously folks. We shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to correct bad software code. It’s 2016.

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As vehicles and their electronic logic-based control systems become more complex I find it impossible to test them in every single possible condition in a lab that they might encounter in the real world. I can forgive Hyundai for finding a problem after product release for sale. I do however have to agree that all manufacturers should make it high priority to expedite fixes and apply them quickly. That isn't a insurmountable task. Hyundai's corporate consciousness needs to reject it's own slowness in this area.
Perfectly acceptable response. My concern was their initial resistance about doing anything. It took NHTSA to FORCE them to. Not a good thing. Read Marc Stern's analysis. It's really good. The problem isn't that they couldn't replicate it in a lab. The problem is that they rushed it into production when it was still alpha software. Heck, Tesla has been criticized for putting out AutoPilot as a clearly identified Beta software. They didn't spend enough time in the real world testing. That's why you always see the "spy shots" in car magazines of new cars running through the desert disguised. You just can't know what will fail without testing it under real world conditions. It seems they didn't test enough, and then when a really serious failure occurred they tried to tell the car owner that it was his fault. They fended. They didn't fixed. Until forced to.
I have a 2017 veloster DCT 6 speed and its doing saame thing when a/ c is on it way WORSE it hesitates dont want to go at all from aaa start .its getting way worse its starting to want to stall and I keep hearing a noise from engine . I was told at car lot bad gas or I don't know how to drive it but thats not it I hope that Hyundai admits to there problem and helps I just baught car 25000 miles and I'm not happy at all love car but it should not do this at 25000 miles.
Wow I totally understand I have a 2016 Hyundai tucson bought with 22000 miles engine light came on two Months after buying it took it in had it "fixed" the engine light came in again 3 more times I was told the last time there couldn't possibly be anything else with that same code to fix it must be a "mouse" I was shocked. I made the appointment had it looked at AGAIN low and behold I needed a transmission so much for their "mouse" theory. Well its been 3 weeks and the transmission is slipping it feels as if it wants to stall and feels ruff while idling. I truly hope they don't try to convince me there's nothing wrong as they have done in the past. P.s Call Hyundai of America it takes about a month for them to get back to you but they follow up on everything they are fully aware of what's been going on and want to see the outcome of this next visit. Good luck!
Very dissapointing. I was on the verge of purchasing a Tucson...for its safety ratings. Ironic.
The problem is in no way fixed and someone will get injured or killed before anything further is done. The problem with the 2016 model year Tucson has carried over to this years model. I purchased my Tucson the end of March. I had several times when pulling into traffic that the vehicle would not move even though the RPM gauge was high. I purchased this vehicle with the hopes of using it for a family vacation to Florida in April. So while checking email on the evening prior to leaving for vacation, I saw the recall notice to have the computer updated. The guy at the dealership said it looked like mine had been updated prior to me purchasing it. I made the appointment anyway and was lucky to get in prior to leaving. When I got it in there, it had not been updated correctly he said they would take care of it and then said they got it and it was a good thing too as they were also stalling because of excessive outside temperatures. I said oh great I dodged that bullet. Well while on vacation with my family in the car, I turned a corner to get out into traffic and it stalled out like it had before we were almost wiped out. It also shakes and hesitates when starting out from a stopped position unless you gun it. They have got to admit there is a severe problem with the seven speed models with the DCT before it is too late for someone. This is not just an issue with people not knowing how to drive a vehicle with DCT as most dealers are shoving down their throats. This information is not being led with when selling this to the public. It is not just like driving a regular automatic transmission. The only way I can make it work when pulling out into traffic in a hurry is to drop it into 1st gear and operating it like a manual transmission. My neighbor who just purchased one like four days ago got the six speed and has never had an issue. Come on have got to make this right.
"My neighbor who just purchased one like four days ago got the six speed and has never had an issue." FYI - That's interesting. I have the six speed 2017 Tucson (SE Plus AWD) and experience exactly the same problem. With my vehicle the symptoms are most apparent in warm weather. I live in Arizona. :-(
Have a 2015 i30 diesal with dct transmission if it has problems it will dump at the dealers because it shouldnt hapen and its dangerous
I did just that with my 2016 Tucson. I took it in five times for transmission problems. Finally I got mad and said keep it until fixed. They drove it for days before feeling the problem. They just ordered a new transmission. Fingers crossed it's fixed.
We have 2017 Tuscan with 7 speed. We did same thing and left at the dealership and after 4 days it happened to them and kept it for two months to put new trans in. Now some months later its happening again and I have to take it back. My fear is someone is going to get in an accident!
My Tucson only had a few mikes and needed to have transmission computer twice. I had same problem even worse when stuck in intersection so just took in at 5 tras old at just 23,000 mikes obviously I don't drive much but this should never happen someone going to get killed. They should all be recalled and put in the dump and give us all our money back! I'm really hoping the new transmission will be ok they just put in a new one after computer reprogramming still left it a driving hazard we all don't have the money to just buy new cars I put soo much down I'd lose my tail on it but also wouldn't want to sell it knowing it can be unsafe while driving.
car stutters and chatters before a dead stop badley and if they don't resolve the problem I amd going to lemon law I have won cases before with lemon law also the hood has big space between the grill and hood and they said they could not fix well who the hell can I didn't build the car its there problem.
this s a 2017 Tucson and it has these transmission problems and dangerous
I see the news article but the update to the transmission software does nothing. Mine has been in on two different occasions for the update and it is useless. They need to come up with something better real soon before someone gets killed.
This issue is extremely dangerous, I mean come on...6000rpm on the tach before the damn transmission engages...sitting like a parked car in the middle of an intersection before the car moves. Worst vehicle I have ever owned, or driven. I currently have another wasted service appointment set to only hear once again that there is nothing wrong. Never buy Hyundai!!!!!
I know right? Mine has been in a total of three times with no fix. My entire family came within inches of being totally wiped out in an accident when I first got this pos. For some reason, when making hard left turns especially, the stupid thing won't move. I always have to use manual mode to jump out into traffic or risk getting hit. It constantly hesitates and stutters. It is only the models with DCT. All the dealer says is that people just don't know how to drive them. I say they should tell customers this when selling them instead of just it's an automatic transmission. My neighbor who just got his new one, got the six speed model and loves it. Just don't get the seven speed DCT model.
I have a 2017 with the dual clutch and have had these issues with staling, sputterin, bucking from the start . I have also had a huge accident while trying to turn over 7000 in damage. My son was in the car. I have had it looked at, the dealership told me I have to learn how to drive it. The computer was supposedly fixed, the issues are still happening. I am so nervous with winter approaching. What can I do.
Had update done, NOT FIXED! It has worsened the situation. Hyundai needs to address this soon as this improper operation is bound to affect transmission health and longevity. Clutch pack is taking a beating.
When they going to recall the Tucson for the Theta II engine failure!?
My 2016 Tucson does the same thing. I have been to the dealer numerous times, my son calling the Hyundai corp. They made an appointment for me. I took the car in. Was told the same thing. It didn't happen while we had the car and the VIN number is not on the recall list. I told them I didn't care that it was an accident waiting to happen. They said they knew it but couldn't do anything about it. I walked out of there and went to another dealer. Sold the Tucson and will NEVER buy another Hyundai. Sad, too. I really liked that car. Was also told by one of the service dept. Hyundai is putting this Clutch/transmission in all the 2017 & 18's.
You know i have driven manual transmission vehicles for 30 plus years never a problem. Now the lazy american driver demands a automatic transmission.Manafacturers stop building manuals.Maybe we should go back to manuals they have far less problems.Stop being lazy learn to drive manual and no more shitty automatic problems.
Maybe you can stop trolling on this site and stop talking bad about something you know nothing about. Don’t claim you know people and what they are going through. Either with physical disabilities or just in life. I also have driven standard shift vehicles most all of my life and enjoyed them. This is a very real and dangerous problem that Hyundai has not fixed and someone will get hurt or killed. Has nothing to do with being a lazy American driver not knowing how to drive a vehicle with DCT. Google it and you will understand. You may have never owned a Hyundai and might not ever but don’t judge people unless you walk in their shoes and trying to protect themselves and family.
Mike Bernardo, I'd say that hard-working Americans just might not feel like shifting a transmission after working their butts off all day supporting the world economy. Your statement is ridiculous. I've driven manuals and automatics and its just a preference either way for people. For you, it is just an opportunity to spew hate. Car makers have been making cars with automatic transmissions for more than 50 years that actually go when you press on the pedal. I test drove a 2018 Tuscon and loved it until my last left-hand turn at a stop sign. This is going to get someone killed and is a serious manufacturer defect. Do you get up to change channels on your TV manually, or do you use a remote control? People who use the remote must be lazy, right? Because surely the manual buttons directly on your TV must be the best way to work it. Or maybe you use an icebox instead of a refrigerator as the lazy people of the world do.
Hey Michael Bernardo, I can tell you that all of the people who drive a vehicle with this defective transmission would gladly swap it for a manual transmission. It has nothing to do with lazy Americans. It has to do with safety. This defective transmission will probably get someone killed as they slowly enter into oncoming traffic as the transmission fails to shift gears quickly enough to move the vehicle. Even a lazy American would despise this vehicle. Make sure you understand the complaints before you weigh in with your worthless comments.
Hyundai needs to address the 2015+ Sonata transmission it does similar thing and mine is it the process of self destructing as we speak. Hyundai says there is nothing wrong with the car and sends it out. Right now I am working with an attorney to possibly file a class action lawsuit as I have talked with many other Sonata owners dealing with the same issu. There are two at the same dealership that are getting the same run-a-round from Hyundai. After this treatment from Hyundai I will never buy a Hyundai again.
Hi I have a 2016 Sonata limited and only 12,774 miles as of July 25th 2018 In 2017 is when the car shut down on the interstate was driving and all of a sudden all the gauges turn off and the car starting to shut down at 70 miles an hour and restarted 5-10 seconds later with traffic going around me on the interstate and I didn't have the cruise on. The dealer said that no code appeared which i don't believe. Also on another trip in July 2018 we were coming home from Wisc i would ease off the excelerator and the car was slowing down like i was i had my foot on the brake. As I'm writing a call will be made to the dealer in Albuquerque NM
I fell in love with my Hyundai Tucson. It had all the bells&whisles I wanted. It had a few I felt would help make me be more safe. Others make me a safer driver. I have had this car 2 years. Updating the continual software problem and fouled valves and filters, have not fixed a very dangerous issue with its 7spd transmission.I am afraid of my car. I have survived a horrible rollover accident, recurring Cancer and other multiple health issues. I do not want to be responsible for the pain and or possible death of anyone because this vehicle cant get in gear and clear an intersection in a safe,timely and expected manner. The waisted time and money with apparently useless visits to the service centers are not someone else's problem. I sure wish it was. Not being able to pick up speed to merge onto the turnpike while others are going 75-80 my car is stuck in-between some phantom gear that jerks and bounces and with a roar will suddenly lurch and dump me in the lane and then go nowhere. Peddle to the floor...nothing there. I feel the cold sweat I try not to look in the mirror because l see why I feel the terror pounding in my ears and heart, The headlights of the truck behind me are all I see of it. Its that close ! I have the sensation it must be pushing me right? the car on R is giving me a nasty gesture. I don't want that to be the last thing I remember. I am overwhelmed with that fear. And I am so insulted that it was actually a suggestion on the list-I don't know how to drive it. Really. Tell that to everyone who owns a Lemon? Is that a NHTSA violation?
Our 2018 Hyundai has been doing the same since New . Ie dropping out of gear between 1st and sevond. November 2017. Our local Hyundai dealer(Victoria. Australia) initially told us, they have never heard of this fault . Yesterday they may have someone experience the same thing. I told them about page and all the other hits on google. They tell me the US programming of the cars is totally different and irrelevant to Australia . Are they taking me for a ride?
I purchased my tuson sport last year same problem 1-2 gear no power. So dangerous I think I am going to trade it in don’t know what else to do. It awful no help from dealership.
Hyundai 2017 Sport - similar problem for the first time. Came to a stop then vehicle would barely move. Had to rev to over 2500rpm to get the vehicle to slowly move . Discovered that the automatic transmission was stuck in 4th gear and could not change gears even when I switched to manual. Turned the vehicle off and restarted and problem went away - for now ??