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Video Explains Ford F-150 Offsets and Helps Owners With Key Info About Tires

One of the best parts of owning a Ford F150 is upgrading it and making it your own with special touches and pieces. Many owners find a net set of tires is a good place to begin as there it's easy to find a set of tires that you feel complete your pickup. Many times, though, there are many things like truck tire terms which make it tough to find your way through the thicket of truck tires. Here's a video that helps from


If you have purchased a Ford F-150 in the last month or so, you are probably itching to outfit it with various cool features to let the world know that it is yours. How do you go about it and what are some things about which you should be aware?

Helping F150 Owners Find Right Options

First and foremost, you can use the factory option order book to obtain some of your items. Why would you want to do this? The reason is simple: you don’t have to worry about these options fitting correctly or working properly right from the start.

Let’s say you purchase a 2019 Ford F150 XLT. During the buying process, you were probably asked by the salesperson how you will be using your truck? This isn’t just idle chit-chat because your salesperson if he or she is qualified (Ford has a very strict education policy that a salesperson must complete selling or even plan certain equipment. For instance, to choose the right trailer mount, the salesperson must have completed various truck-sizing modules to choose the proper mount kit and supporting equipment.)

Whether It Is A Special Engine Or Wheels, You Can Find Information On YouTube Channels About Just About Anything.

Let’s say you plan to trailer a boat; snowmobiles in winter, and possibly trail bikes in the spring. Though the trailer-sizing requirements for their trailers are approximately the same, there are other things to be considered. For example, you will probably want to include a that includes a heavy duty transmission cooler so that things don’t overheat under the hood. Then, you have to make sure that the brake kit for your pickup is heavy duty. You may consider ceramic discs and rotors for cooler braking. And, you may want to ensure that you have helper springs for proper load-leveling.

Video Helps F150s With Tire Installations

Let’s assume you have purchased the 4X4 version and let’s further assume you plan to do some backcountry running with it. To do so, you will need new wheels and tires. However, with the number of options available, it’s easy to get confused very quickly. For instance, you may want off-road tires that stick out from the fenders a couple of inches because they look cool. But, are they practical? What are tire/wheel combinations practical? Indeed, how do you set up your F150 properly for off-roading in the first place? The folks at AmericanTrucks have come up with a super-useful YouTube post that gives you valuable information on concepts that are essential to proper wheel/tire installation.

Watch How To Choose Wheel Offset For Your Ford F150 and Subscribe to Torque News For Daily Pickup Truck and Automotive Analysis.

Indeed, AT’s Justin Dugan walks you through the basics of Ford F150 tire offset, teaching you about such concepts as an offset; backspacing, and poke. You define offset as the difference between a tire’s centerline and its mounting surface, measured in millimeters. The other measurements are backspacing, the distance from the mounting surface to tire’s rear lip, and poke, the distance a wheel peaks out of a fender. It is a function of the offset.

For example, if the difference between the centerline and the mounting surface is zero, then you can say the F150 has a neutral offset. At the same time, it will provide the best fit for the specialized tires and wheels you might want to use on your pickup. Let’s say, though, that you want a pickup that looks rugged, yet which is an easy fit for specialty tires and wheels, then, you would likely want a little more offset. However, you would also want that offset to work present no problems should with the tires rubbing the wheel well. Then, a positive offset of +12 – the mounting surface (rear) of the tires would be beyond the centerline by just a tad. If you did the math, you would see the positive offset would translate to about 1.25 inches of poke. Poke is the amount a tire peaks past edge of a wheel well. It looks rugged, yet works well with steering gear.

F150 Find Their Way Through Special Tire Terms

If, on the other hand, you want a rather big poke because you plan to use a set of bigger tires that will stick out about two full inches beyond a wheel well, then you would use a negative offset of about -24. That will do it, although you will likely find you are going up a full size in tires. And, you will find that there will be issues with tire rub in the wheel well when you turn the wheel. In this scenario, you will have to do some refitting because you will have to allow for the added negative offset and tire size.

Whether It Is 2021 Or 2019, Finding The Right Information For Your Ford F150 Is Easier With The Right Videos.

In the final analysis, we believe you will find this edition of AT’s “The Haul,” very informative. It presents you with just enough information to keep you interested in the topic without becoming overly long or too teachy. Dugan is an excellent presenter. You can find more tire information from AT at from their YouTube channel.

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