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How paint problems are infuriating 2015 Chevy Silverado owners

A check of recent truck forums finds that a number of owners of 2015 Chevy Silverados are having problems with paint flaking or peeling off. The problems are serious enough that people are taking their complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because they aren’t receiving help from the dealerships.

On one discussion about “weak paint”, one owner asked “Has anyone else noticed that the paint on 2014+ silverados chip and scratch very easily? Seems like every time I wash my 2015 I find new chips or scratches.”

Another person adds, “Yes the paint quality on the 2014+ trucks is poor, my 15 already looks about how my 08 did after it was 7 years old. You can thank the epa for that.” And yet another posted, “My black 2015 gets scratches just by looking at it. I have a buddy who needed to get his front end repainted a month after purchase because of all the stone chips.”

A person who claims to work for a dealership denies there is a problem with the paint on 2015 Chevy Silverados “Well as a painter at a Gm dealership, your 2015 weak paint complaint is completely false. The paint is actually pretty good vs the 09-13s. We haven't been seeing any issues with 14 and ups at all.”

But yet another owner fires back “about the fragile paint on the K2XX trucks, worst paint I have ever seen, but the problem is wide spread over all the newer GM vehicles, water based paints suck but our air has improved 700 percent since GM was forced to switch.”

Chevy Silverado Paint Problem Complaints Are Widespread
The complaints are widespread, from different climates all over the U.S. and Canada. A check of the website, that compiles consumer issues on all types of vehicles, finds that the concerns are serious enough that many owners have taken their complaints to NHTSA.

For the 2015 model year there have been four complaints to NHTSA over paint problems with the 2015 Chevy Silverado. The complaints are that the paint either peels or chips too easily. The paint problems seem even more pronounced for the 2014 Chevy Silverado. For the 2014 Chevy Silverado there are 33 complaints, again for peeling or excessive chipping.

I have messaged the public relations person who oversees truck production for General Motors but haven’t heard back yet. It is true that the auto companies are constantly reformulating paint mixtures to be more environmentally friendly but paint peeling within the first few months or even the first few years is inexcusable. I can’t find any recalls for paint for these model years but there are enough forums and complaint sites to indicate that the issues are widespread enough to trigger concern.

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I bought a 2016 Silverado and 6 months later noticed the paint on the hood of my truck is chipping off. I afraid it’s going to start rusting in those spot. It sucks that you pay all that money for something nice and then start having problems with paint.
Contact chevy executives! It is the ONLY way anything mat get done. If enough complaints are filed, maybe they will do something! This is a list of current chevy executives: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
I am a contractor on long island, N.Y. I have seen at least a fifty white trucks, mostly GMC, with paint peeling from the hood, above the windshield, and side doors. At first I thought it was a bad repair job, but now it is certainly a manufacturers defect. I'm surprised that there is no class action law suit against GM by these thousands of white truck owners throughout the United States.
On my third gmc truck from paint issues an my 17 is no better than the rest still under 36000 bumper to going to be talking to dealer again about it you can actually take you finger nail on the what they call rock guard an peel it off an it’s just not my truck have tryied it on others this paint is absolute garbage as every one on hear already knows good luck to all
I thought I was the only one with paint chiping
It's not just the trucks I have a 2016 SS 15000 miles. More chips than my 2010 F150 182000. How's the EPA going to react when thousands of GM vehicles need to be repainted after only a couple of years. If this is the quality of paint on American vehicles I guess I won't be buying a new American truck. I hate the idea of buying an import
My 2015 Siverado 2500HD White in color has chips like you wont believe. I just washed my truck with the garden hose this last week and the paint peeled right off the driver side passenger door up by the B pillar. Talked to my insurance and they said they found this forum and there for is a manufacture defect and would not cover the issue. How do we get this fixed? We already pay crazy sticker prices and now we need to budget for a paint job! This is nuts.
2018 GMC Sierra, 7 months old, 10 000 km chunks of paint missing all over the front bumper and chips everywhere with flaking all around. GMC is now Junk in my books and only because of the paint. I'm done with them. Outsourcing all the work to Mexico. I guess I'll be going to Ford or Dodge which I can't even believe I'm saying this.
Remember the horrible paint jobs on the early 90's chevy lumina, corsica?? It appears chevy has gone back to that formula. This article is from 2015.....and still has people with new trucks posting 4 years later. chevy should be ASHAMED!
Have a 2015 2500 Chevy Sliverdro the paint job is so bad on it . The paint is bubbling long the drives door then the left passenger door by the window wash my truck and paint is down to the metal . I have done a search and there has been slot of problems with the paint .
Every one should call GM at 866-790-5600. I also have called GM. I was told they wont do anything due to the warranty being expired. I live in California. Not an extreme weather state but they say there are many reasons that can effect the paint. I also took mine to 2 dealers and they said the same thing "factory defect". My truck lost paint just behind the window on the second door on the driver side. A place that only gets touched when washing the truck. We pay more for a Chevy because we demand more from our trucks. I have been a Chevy owner my entire driving life. The person I spoke to did say " If everyone who has this problem would call GM at 866-790-5600, with enough complaints to GM they would be forced to resolve the problem or do reimbursements for the factory defect. My insurance told me due to this forum and she specifically called out "Torque", they would also not fix the paint because its so well noted that Chevy has a paint defect from the manufacturer.
I called GM at 866-790-5600 many times, as far back as March 2019 when my truck was 3.5 months old. They will answer, take your info, and you will receive a call back from Brianna. After you get nowhere with Brianna, you can request to speak to a manager. That will generate a “Service Request Number". You should then receive a call from Bryan. Bryan will let you email photos, schedule an appointment to have your dealer inspect. That WILL CONCLUDE with a diagnosis of "outside influence". Just go into google and type "silverado paint chips". I have a youtube video that now has over 1400 views. The ONLY way one would find that video is searching the specific words above. That just proves how many are having this problem. Lesson learned, don't buy gm!
I own a 2014 Silverado ltz fully load but paint is coming off in chunks and very bad orange pill by rear fender at the bottom and also paint coming off around door handles. Chevy paint sucks and there is a real problem with the paint not sticking. A 5 yr old truck should not have paint falling off.
Same problem with my 2015 sierra 1500. Paint is flaking off behind the window of the left passenger door. I am afraid that the truck will look like crap in a year or two. They offer to pay 50% of the repair at a shop of their choice but what tells me it’s not gonna gets widespread all over the truck. Very unhappy to pay for a 60000$ truck that I still have 30000$ balance on it and having to go through this kind off problems. It all started when the truck was barely 3 years old. Its a shame
I bought my 2015 Silverado used with 1300 miles. After about a month or so I noticed the paint around the top windshield was peeling and now at 48000 miles I considering to either have it painted or get rid of it!
my 2011 sierra witch i also had a rust controll modual installed from new has paint blistering and rusting from under the paint .T the module people guardian wont warenty the rust they say its the wrong kind of rust they blame gm cs paint gm says theres no issue with there paint
My 2015 Sierra paint has all at once started to blistering up and peeling in the bed area. Have never hauled anything in it either.
I have a 2015 Sierra with silver mist paint. The rear passenger door is blistering from underneath. The dealer said GM told him it is probably from application of extreme heat from an external source. B.S. I’ll try NHTSA next. This is my second and last GMC truck.
I will be posting an updated video of what my 2018 looks like after 18 months and 39k miles. Nothing short of disgusting! Well over 1000 paint chips. I have complained to chevy warranty, chevy executives, and they refuse to stand behind the terrible paint. I have now installed vinyl graphics on my rear window and passenger windows. "2018 Chevy = PAINT CHIPS , ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE" (rear window) "2018 Chevy truck, 55K sticker, 55 CENT PAINTJOB!" (drivers side) "Search YOUTUBE for Silverado paint chips" (passenger side)
I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado that the paint is pealing around the passenger door on the drivers side. I have been a Chevy person all my life but I am thinking my next truck is going to be a Dodge. I am not sure I blame Chevy I think its more a government regulations problem.
I agree. My truck has more chips in the front bumper then all other trucks I had combined. At least 30 on the front bumper, hood, and all over the rest of the truck. I know all vehicles get chips but this is ridiculous. Dodge it is for me. Besides if I keep it for another 5 years I can’t imagine what it will look like.
My 2018 Silverado has well over 1000 paint chips over almost every body panel. Search youtube for "Silverado Paint Chips". I posted a number of videos of my truck. I had a 2016 RAM Longhorn 1500 prior to this. That truck had one single paint chip on the hood. Being a painted gold front bumper, there were about 20 chips there. Compare that to my Chevy with easily 700 chips on the bumper. There was a recent comment on my youtube video that someone actually had GM repaint his truck under warranty. I met with my dealer (AGAIN) two days ago and they took photos and video (AGAIN) to submit to GM. The person taking the photos seemed to be in agreement that there is WAY to much damage to consider it as wear and tear. That really doesn't mean anything as it is up to GM alone if anything will be done.
Absolutely having issues. 2016 Chevy 2500, it’s been waxed 3 times already, washed all the time. We have rock chips everywhere, almost worse then our 2002 GMC which has been a workhorse on gravel road. GM is willing to do nothing.
Yet, chevy claims there is no paint defect. Share your experience on social media. chevrolet and general motors have both facebook and twitter. Since chevy refuses to take responsibility for the terrible paint on my 2018, I am determined to steer EVERY person I talk with away from gm products. I have installed vinyl graphics on my rear and side windows. I have 5 inch letters that should be delivered today for the front windshield. Share everywhere you can!
I have a 2015 Silverado and the paint is flaking off from around the third brake light on the cab. We have been to the dealer with it 3 times and they finally are telling me GM wont cover it since it has more than 36000 miles on it. I purchased the paint warranty when I bought it, yet they are contacting GM and not the warranty company! We have provided copies of the warranty twice now. Waiting for another call back from them. This will probably be my last GM product!
Good luck to you. If you purchased an additional paint warranty through a third party, you may be in luck. Anything through chevy or gm...... don't hold your breath. They refused to cover my 2018 with paint problems visible at 3 months old (with 7500 miles). Now, at 19 months and 40k miles, the truck looks like garbage. My daughter's 1999 Subaru paint looks better.
I have a 2015 silverado, ice silver , and the roof is peeling. Not happy to read all the reviews about paint problems. Don't think I will be buying the 2020 silverado like I was planning.
They are saying the paint warranty covers weather related issues, not defective paint. I'll be looking for a new truck soon. I'm done with GM, hell might even sell my classic Chevy!
I have a 2013 1500 Silverado. I have three places on the roof where the paint is peeling off and one of these locations is rusting to the bare metal. Karl Tyler Chevy, where i have purchased 6 cars, gave me the run around. They offered to meet me half way and charge me $1200.00 to repaint. I took it to a trusted body shop and asked for a blind quote and they offered to do the job for $1100.00. They noted thin coating and defective primer. So much for meeting me half way. Chevy blamed it on other factors and lied to me. I will never buy another chevy again having been lied to. See you Chevy. Stay away from Karl Tyler Chevy in Missoula.
I have a 2015 Suburban LTZ black in color and since last year I have had to have the hood, roof and now the complete drivers side repainted and clear coated. GM gave me some assistance but it's still costing me almost $2000. The vehicle is only 50 months old and has under 40,000 miles and is garaged except when I drive it. Was told by GM that the cause is the environment and that I live in Arizona. Talk abou blowing smoke up my butt. Has anyone else had this problem.