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How paint problems are infuriating 2015 Chevy Silverado owners

A check of recent truck forums finds that a number of owners of 2015 Chevy Silverados are having problems with paint flaking or peeling off. The problems are serious enough that people are taking their complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because they aren’t receiving help from the dealerships.

On one discussion about “weak paint”, one owner asked “Has anyone else noticed that the paint on 2014+ silverados chip and scratch very easily? Seems like every time I wash my 2015 I find new chips or scratches.”

Another person adds, “Yes the paint quality on the 2014+ trucks is poor, my 15 already looks about how my 08 did after it was 7 years old. You can thank the epa for that.” And yet another posted, “My black 2015 gets scratches just by looking at it. I have a buddy who needed to get his front end repainted a month after purchase because of all the stone chips.”

A person who claims to work for a dealership denies there is a problem with the paint on 2015 Chevy Silverados “Well as a painter at a Gm dealership, your 2015 weak paint complaint is completely false. The paint is actually pretty good vs the 09-13s. We haven't been seeing any issues with 14 and ups at all.”

But yet another owner fires back “about the fragile paint on the K2XX trucks, worst paint I have ever seen, but the problem is wide spread over all the newer GM vehicles, water based paints suck but our air has improved 700 percent since GM was forced to switch.”

Chevy Silverado Paint Problem Complaints Are Widespread
The complaints are widespread, from different climates all over the U.S. and Canada. A check of the website, that compiles consumer issues on all types of vehicles, finds that the concerns are serious enough that many owners have taken their complaints to NHTSA.

For the 2015 model year there have been four complaints to NHTSA over paint problems with the 2015 Chevy Silverado. The complaints are that the paint either peels or chips too easily. The paint problems seem even more pronounced for the 2014 Chevy Silverado. For the 2014 Chevy Silverado there are 33 complaints, again for peeling or excessive chipping.

I have messaged the public relations person who oversees truck production for General Motors but haven’t heard back yet. It is true that the auto companies are constantly reformulating paint mixtures to be more environmentally friendly but paint peeling within the first few months or even the first few years is inexcusable. I can’t find any recalls for paint for these model years but there are enough forums and complaint sites to indicate that the issues are widespread enough to trigger concern.

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2017 midnight edition 1500 500 paint is blistering on the hood. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. The salesman said the dealership they got ot from, on a trade, my have put a coating on it wrong. We shall see.
2015 GMC Sierra. 2 years old. 20k miles Paint is peeling on roof by windshield. Dealership is refusing to fix under warranty. It's really sad that GM will not stand behind their product.
I have a 2014 White Chevy Silverado 38k miles with paint flaking off the passenger door around the window and rock chips flaking paint off the side of the truck. The first time I took the truck in on a Saturday but of course the warranty guy doesn't work the weekend. So I bring it back during the week and he's not there again but this time they take pictures to document the problem. Why they didn't do that the first time is beyond me. They tried to tell me that the truck was probably wrecked and repainted in a low budget non-certified shop, which I know is not the case because the truck has never been wrecked. It has been two weeks and I still haven't heard anything back. I have called twice but keep getting the run around. I've about had it with Capitol Chevrolet
I Own 5 Chevrolet express passenger vans. 1-2009,2-2011's, 1-2014 and a 2015. the 2009 and both 2011 the paint is peeling off I contacted the dealer they told me that they weren't covered because they all were over the mileage warrant. I just talked to GM Corp they told me that the mileage didn't make any difference but that the paint wasn't covered. This is the same problem that GM had in the 90's. In the last 4 years I have purchased 9 GM vehicles the 5 vans for our business and 4 for personal use, but will not buy another GM. GM loyalty means nothing. The paint isn't sticking because of a primer problem just like before.
I have a 2015 Silverado HIgh Country and the other I was washing the truck and paint start to peel off from the hood I stop washing it took to the dealer and since the truck has46000 Mike’s is off the warranty but it is still in the 3 years i think GM should honor the paint since paint has nothing to do with the miles
I bought my 2016 Chevy 7 months ago and it looks like shit, so many paint chips , makes me want to trade it in on a different male, pay 60,000 for a truck that looks like shit after 7 months its crap.
2015 Silverado Black LTZ Z71. Very disappointed in the paint. I am very particular about the care of my vehicles, especially a $50 000 truck. Paint scratches and chips with the slightest touch. Also have had to replace the low beam headlight bulb 3 times in 2 1/2 years. If you notice a headlight or running light burned out on an oncoming vehicle, it most likely is a Chevrolet truck, suburban, or Tahoe.
Bought a 2015 Cheverlot Silverado brand new from the dearship and with in 2 years I got a chip on my roof that then began to peel and created a chipped spot on my roof the size of my hand and is continually peeling bigger and bigger. Took it into the dealership I bought it from and they said they would not do anything for it because it has 40k miles warranty runs out at 36k. I reported it to Cheverlot customer care and they said they have 0 reports for paint issues on 2015 Silverados so there is no recalls and they would not do anything for me either. I can't believe a manufacturer will not stand by their product and make it right, it is despicable.
I have a 2015 silverado have been to dealer many times to be told its rock chips not covered by dealer paint is crap they know it but wont do anything about it
2/6/2018 - Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 Paint I own a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71, the paint is a siren red tint coat. I have a little over 6,000 miles on the truck. I started noticing small chips in the hood and in the front on the rear quarter panels on both sides, the doors are doing the same. The beginning of February 2018, I hand washed the truck and noticed more chips in passenger’s side rear door and additional chips in the rear quarter panels. Very maddening to see this beautiful truck starting to look abused after only 6,000 miles. I can only imagine what the truck is going to look like after 12,000 miles. I took it in for its first service at 5,000 miles and asked the service writer if there were any complaints about paint and of course the Chevy service writer said no, blamed it on rocks. I replied that my red 2012 z71 had 100,000 miles on it and it did not have anywhere near the chips as my brand new one currently now has. The Chevy service writer then replied that the issue must be rocks. I am going to talk with Chevy again this weekend, I know now that I am not the only one having to deal with this issue. I've paid a pretty penny for this truck and it burns me up every time I see an old or new chunk of paint missing. Not a satisfied customer.
I started my "customer care" complaint around the same time as you. Brianna, with chevy customer care, told me via phone today (5/31/18) that the claim is denied. Chevy never looked at it. They rely on the dealer. Why have a customer care division if you only rely on the dealer determination? Chevy also refused to provide ANY documentation at all. All they give is a "service request" number. They will not give you anything in writing.
My 2015 Silverado has this problem. I filled a complaint with Chevy. Got a case number and everything. I have 75k mikes on my truck. They told me that the factory warranty was expired and they would not pay to fix. Two different dealerships said it was a factory defect.
I have 2016 Silverado and the front number grill hold have more chops than cars that go down gravel roads for years washed off dealer decal and left scratches with it .I' couldn't understand why but thought thin paint..
They painted my hood 5 times. GM has offers a buy back and I am taking it.
I just noticed the entire front bumper on my 2016 GMC Denali in Deep Red,is all chipped and peeling. I had noticed a couple other chips on prior washes and just figured it was my bad luck. Now I know it’s bad paint.
Have a 2014 Z71. Left for Atlanta knowing I had a small chip in passenger side quarter panel. Got home on Sunday after driving through wind and rain and the small chip was the size of a softball. Of course I’m getting the same responses as all of you. Chevy senior advisor told me this is an environmental problem after the chevy body shop told me it was a factory paint adhesive problem? Infuriating to say the least. My Chevy will be sold.
Chevy STILL has yet to address this. My 2018 Chevy Silverado Redline Edition looks like absolute garbage in the front. Hundreds of paint chips. I can possibly understand the hundreds on my bumper as it is up front but.....the 40 plus on the TOP of my hood? Brought it to my dealer at 3.5 months old and was told that the vehicle was driven for several months during the winter and that GM concluded it was an "outside influence". Apparently the Silverado is not made to be drivin in winter, or outside for that matter. I have small chips on the window pillars, the side of the truck....and even on the tailgate. Apparently backing up in winter is enough "OUTSIDE INFLUENCE". A quick google search shows many many posts, videos, etc complaining about chips in the paint. I seems to be more prevalent in solid colors such as my Black Silverado. Buyer beware unless you are good with paint chips.
After a number of phone calls to Chevy "Customer Assistance", they claimed that the dealer said it was "outside influence" and they are denying any claim. So, in short, YOUR PROBLEM, NOT OURS This determination was made without one single person from Chevrolet customer assistance/warranty claims looking at the vehicle. They claim that the dealer service advisor is "gm certified". My RAM drove the same roads and had a few chips after 2 winters. This Silverado has SEVERAL HUNDRED after one light winter season. Sadly, the only people that see any of these comments here are those that have searched Google for "Silverado paint chips" . This article appears on page 1 of the search. The only people that would search for that are those affected by it. PLEASE, share this page via facebook, twitter, youtube, ....anywhere!! Chevy will continue to do nothing unless there is more about this available on social media. We have already bought the truck. We already gave GM the profit. Best thing is to share our factual experience with the truck. I will be dumping this GARBAGE 2018 Silverado as soon as I can!!!
I have 2015 sliversdo that paint pealing need idea ? Gm will they help
I have a 2014 GMC Denali and have paint nickel flaking problems on the front bumper and also rear passenger door
I had a 2014 that was chipping very easy so I traded it in. Now after 4500 miles on my new 2018 red 1500 $57,000 truck it. Is doing the same thing. Just noticed 2 chips on the side bed. After owning the last one I am very careful about getting behind anyone, I stay 200 to 300 feet behind people. And always stay back away from dump trucks, low boys and semi trucks. In the hopes that I am keeping this from happening but with no luck. I drive like a grandpa al the time. There is definitely a problem with the paint on these new silveradios . Very upset after spending this kind of money
Steve, WRITE A COMPLAINT TO GM/CHEVY EXECUTIVES. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] The executive offices will at least contact you back (usually promptly). Most likely, they will do nothing other than deny that there is an ongoing problem. But, perhaps after enough owners complain, they may actually take it seriously and stand behind the trucks that we bought. I actually spoke with the executive offices again today, 8/27/18. I had emailed a 3 month update notifying of more chips appearing all summer long. So much for the original diagnosis that it was all from winter sand/salt. GM maintains that there is not a problem and they have not received any complaints. They maintain that all of my paint chipping is due to atmospheric conditions or outside influence. People experiencing excessive paint chipping should contact the executive offices and notify them. Chevrolet customer care will dismiss and deny any complaints on paint chipping.
My 2013 Sliverado LTZ Crewcab has a large area on the roof just above the windshield that is peeling paint. It seems the paint didn’t adhere to the primer. Was hand washing yesterday and have same thing on the rear passenger door. Stopped by a Chevy deal to have them look at it and they fed me a line about chips letting water get under the paint and because of the aerodynamics of the truck, wind is lifting the paint off. REALLY!!!
I purchased a new 2017 Chevy Traverse in Siren Red. Paint is excessively chipping. GM and dealership are claiming it is not their responsibility. Dealer says it is GM's decision. GM says they rely on the dealer's assessment. The dealer said GM was willing to pay half the cost out of good faith. The dealer sent me to their autobody shop twice who sent me a quote for $12,000.00. Unbelievable, but true. I have the emails and pictures to back it up. I trying to figure out where to post my photos for the most views.
I have a 2016 Camaro ss Black. Primer appears to be grey. Like several of the above truck owners I am seeing an alarming amount of chips showing up, it has 12,000 miles on it up. I Iove my car but I am very disappointed in the paint quality. I have 2010 F 150 with 175,000 miles and have about the same amount of chips on it. I keep a real good distance from vehicles in front of me to avoid the chips to no avail. I was looking at a blue one and was told by someone at the dealer they had a huge problem with the blue on the Vettes and Camaros. Come on GM admit there is a problem and do something about it, we are not talking about 10 or 15 thousand dollar vehicles. Or maybe your recent ads Chevy being the longest lasting trucks on the road applies to the mechanical portion only. Must be a driveway guarantee on the paint. I do not abuse my car, and it needed a new torque converter at under 10,000 miles. Maybe I should have bought the mustang GT instead.
I own a 2014 Chevy Silverado with paint peeling in spots along the lower passenger side from the front door to the wheel well. All at the same level. These are not from rock chips, the paint is simply flaking away.
We bought 2 - 2018 Chevy Cruze hatchbacks from different dealerships. One in blue, one in red. I noticed 3 spots on my car before I left the lot with it. These were determined to be flaws in the factory paint. They are going to sand it down and repaint it. My husbands car, after a month we are now seeing a dozen spots showing up on his car in various places. He is likely going to have to have his entire car repainted. We took our cars to a dealership where we have all our service done and had zero hassles getting these set up to be fixed. The dealerships we bought them from dragged their feet on the issue. We heard the atmospheric run around from them too. But the good dealership has said they have seen an uptick in paint issues that are happening at the factory. Now after having done some research I believe that is absolutely true.
I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and I noticed how easily the paint has been peeling and flaking off , I'm having to put flex over the areas that's peeling, know my truck looks like a Dalmatian dog is there any warranty or recall on the 2014 Chevy Silverado for painting issues
I have a 2014 4 door Silverado that I purchased new, and started to have the paint flake off in the bed earlier this year. Now I have just noticed the paint starting to flake along the windows of both back doors. This is definitely due to poor paint paint product and/or application and not wear.
I have been painting 22 years. I just got stuck with a roof strip an paint on a Silverado because one of our painters painted a roof for small repair an customer brings it back because is peeling. the problem is factory because it's peeling from the factory etch coat an it's peeling all over. but our paint is sticking to the factory paint fine but paint is only as strong as it's weakest link which is the factory paint.