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How paint problems are infuriating 2015 Chevy Silverado owners

A check of recent truck forums finds that a number of owners of 2015 Chevy Silverados are having problems with paint flaking or peeling off. The problems are serious enough that people are taking their complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because they aren’t receiving help from the dealerships.

On one discussion about “weak paint”, one owner asked “Has anyone else noticed that the paint on 2014+ silverados chip and scratch very easily? Seems like every time I wash my 2015 I find new chips or scratches.”

Another person adds, “Yes the paint quality on the 2014+ trucks is poor, my 15 already looks about how my 08 did after it was 7 years old. You can thank the epa for that.” And yet another posted, “My black 2015 gets scratches just by looking at it. I have a buddy who needed to get his front end repainted a month after purchase because of all the stone chips.”

A person who claims to work for a dealership denies there is a problem with the paint on 2015 Chevy Silverados “Well as a painter at a Gm dealership, your 2015 weak paint complaint is completely false. The paint is actually pretty good vs the 09-13s. We haven't been seeing any issues with 14 and ups at all.”

But yet another owner fires back “about the fragile paint on the K2XX trucks, worst paint I have ever seen, but the problem is wide spread over all the newer GM vehicles, water based paints suck but our air has improved 700 percent since GM was forced to switch.”

Chevy Silverado Paint Problem Complaints Are Widespread
The complaints are widespread, from different climates all over the U.S. and Canada. A check of the website, that compiles consumer issues on all types of vehicles, finds that the concerns are serious enough that many owners have taken their complaints to NHTSA.

For the 2015 model year there have been four complaints to NHTSA over paint problems with the 2015 Chevy Silverado. The complaints are that the paint either peels or chips too easily. The paint problems seem even more pronounced for the 2014 Chevy Silverado. For the 2014 Chevy Silverado there are 33 complaints, again for peeling or excessive chipping.

I have messaged the public relations person who oversees truck production for General Motors but haven’t heard back yet. It is true that the auto companies are constantly reformulating paint mixtures to be more environmentally friendly but paint peeling within the first few months or even the first few years is inexcusable. I can’t find any recalls for paint for these model years but there are enough forums and complaint sites to indicate that the issues are widespread enough to trigger concern.

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At least gm gave some assistance, be it very little. My 2018 looks like total garbage now. My first complaint to gm (chevy customer care) was when truck was 3 months old. Also stated the same "environment" and "outside influence" as the cause. I live in New England so, I can see that we experience similar climates ;) I have continued to formally complain every 3 months after. And what did gm do? THEY NEVER RECORDED MY FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINTS. I complained again at 18 months and was told they only had one complaint filed more than a year prior. Also, not one person from gm has looked at my truck in person. How can they make any determination when nobody has seen the truck?
2015 Silver Silverado 1500 paint bubbling and peeling next to the rear windows. Bought it as a certified preowned. Took to the dealer, advisor told us this is a problem with Chevy trucks (his truck has the same problem) but paint is not covered on the extended warranty. The paint pro at our body shop said the exact same thing about Chevy paint. From all the comments, it sounds like a class action lawsuit should be explored.
I have a 2015 chevy Silverado 2500 with paint pealing on both passenger and driver side door in the same spot. Took to caughlin london ohio and was told it was caused by a rock hitting the truck. It would be 800 dollars a door to fix.
I have been trying for a year an half to get something done about my paint chipping & peeling. Worse paint job ever on a truck. No help from my local dealership. Christy Hubler in Crawfordsville Indiana. 2014 chevy silverado. I even contacted GM with no help. Prolly the last GM I will buy may just go back to Ford.
I owned 2 2014 Chevy Silverados paint pulled on both they painted the bed then the doors bed needs painted now on drivers side going to cost me 800.00 bucks you better look at the frame I am painting it now truck only has 65000 miles on it
Much like every other person on this forum, I have a 2014 Silverado, summit white, with the paint coming off on both back doors near windows. Noticed it earlier this summer with took to dealer, 750$/door to fix. Called another paint shop who said 900$/door, and told me to expect the hood and roof to go next. Considering trading it in, even though I love the truck, I'm afraid of what it will look like in another 2 years. I also asked dealer what it would cost to respray the whole truck 10-14k is what they said, not at all worth it.
I have a 2012 GMC DENALI and the paint is flaking off the top between the front windshield and top. I noticed another today flaking in the same areas. Please keep me informed if recalls are ever posted for this problem. Paid to much for this to be happening.
I have a 2015 Onyx Black GMC Yukon.The paint on the hood and the roof has been slowing disappearing and turning into a dull gray.You can see through the clear coat.I just took it into the dealership in Miami and the took pictures and are aware of the paint issue.Now waiting for a response from them,hopefully they don’t return with some BS.
The standard response from chevy will be "outside influence". "Your problem, not ours". My 2018 black silverado has thousands of paint chips despite never traveling on a gravel road. Also, the paint appears to be breaking down due to UV sunlight. The black paint is showing a "starry night" pattern of tiny white dots on every body panel. I had a painter with more than 30 years experience look at it and his opinion was that the black was failing and the primer is coming through. Some photos: (look at the difference between the door panel vs jamb)
I have '17 Silverado LTZ with 26K miles I bought new, never has it been down a gravel road and it has multiple rock chips on it, looks like it has 226K miles, my '97 s10 with a painted front bumper looks better than the Silverado!
I was parked next to a 2005 Ford F-150. The Ford had just under 200K miles, never washed, rotted bed, plow frame......and it still had better paint than my 2018 silverado redline. Here is a photo showing both trucks:
It is unbelievable that chevy doesn't acknowledge such a long, well documented, problem. My daughter has a 1999 Subaru that looks better than my 2018 Silverado. The problem seems to be very common in Silverado 1500. I was parked next to a 2016 Black 2500 yesterday. We both looked at our trucks. His looked good, mine looked terrible. His....never washed. Mine....washed weekly, waxed monthly. Shame on chevy!
Hi all, thought I would share that my spouse bought a brand new 2015 Tahoe and it’s not even 5 years old and the roof and hood paint looks like it’s a 30-year-old car. We have a 1999 suburban and the paint looks much better than this 2015 Tahoe. The 2015 Tahoe paint is completely faded. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do, or I can do. I reached out to the dealership and they have been no help. Sadly, we are still making car payments on this Tahoe, and have a shitty looking car to drive around in sunny California. I think it's time to spread the word that Chevy's are not what they use to be and that Chevrolet does NOT stand behind their products.
Unfortunately, your options are limited as you are at the mercy of general motors. Since they have a very long history of ignoring customer complaints about paint falling off, it is unlikely they will make good on yours. My silverado was a 2018 and they refused to even have a warranty representative even look at it. Beware of contacting chevy (gm) via their social media platforms. I have seen others accept the offer for them to set up an appointment at a local dealer to look at the peeling paint. Upon arrival, the dealer wants to be paid in advance to look at the truck. Since a dealer can't make a determination of paint defects, after you pay, they take photos and forward to gm. A few weeks later, gm will notify the dealer that they deem the paint problems being caused by "outside influence" or "atmospheric conditions"..... both not covered even if you are within the bumper to bumper warranty period. Bottom line.....the warranty division will not do a thing! Your best action is to do an internet search for "gm executive email addresses". Write an open letter and copy all of them. The corporate offices will have some minion respond and open a case. They will ask for photos, etc. In the end, they will likely rule that the problem was your fault, or the environment fault, yada yada. Because you contacted through the executive offices, they may offer you a "pity present" in the form of a voucher to purchase chevrolet accessories (only). That is how they treated me with my 2018. When they offered me this "pity present", I responded that I would rather have the defect repaired. The response: "Are you refusing this gift?" The #1 thing you can do is learn from this. Never buy a gm product again. I just dumped my 2018 silverado in favor of a RAM. I should have done this 2 years ago when the chevy started showing paint problems a 3 months. Good luck!
Well my 2015 Chevy Camero has only 18,000 miles on it, but the paint job sucks. Multiple surface scratches and little paint chips all over, plus the Alluminum Wheels are all messed up. No matter how hard I try it messed up. Anyone have ideas for me.
2014 black silverdo here 93k miles paint is cracking and peeling on the inside of the door where its not even exposed nice one gm
I have a white 2013 Chevy 2500. I noticed a few months ago that the paint was starting to peel on the inside of the tailgate. I wasn't that concerned because I was going to line the bed of the truck anyway. Today I found a 5" square peeling off on the hood. I just hang up from talking to my local dealership where I purchased the vehicle. Because of the Virus thing going on, the service manager was off, he's suppose to call me when things settle down, we'll see. The pickup has 32,000 miles, doesn't sit under a tree. Let's see what happens with this, I love the vehicle and take very good care of it, however, it'll be my last Chevy I or my family of 6 with kids will purchase. Not to proud of my Chevy right now.
2020 Silverado and paint chip are accumulating all over the rough texture paint they use on the underside of doors and behind wheels. Many pinhole sized chips every time I drive.
I have a 2014 Silverado and my paint started with a bubble coming up on the back passenger door on the driver's side. About a week ago it finally gave way and is now a long streek of peeled paint up beside the window. I am researching all the issues and found this forum. I took my truck to a local body shop and he said most of what I have read in all these comments. Its clearly a defect from the factory. Thr primer is clearly all intact and the paint in that area has issues.
Bought my 2015 Silverado in 2016...within a few months the paint was bubbling and peeling on various areas of truck. Tried the warranty/dealership thing with no luck. Really frustrating, how the poor quality products we get stuck with today, as compared to the past. NEXT TRUCK WILL BE A FORD!!!
I have a 2015 chevy Silverado and the paint has peeled off in three different spots. I had the first peeling start about two years after I bought it new in '15 and now a couple of more peeling spots have showed up
the paint problems have been going on since 2002 at least. my black paint looks as if it is a pattern of sap or paint thinner/remover sprayed on the hood and roof. I noticed a 2004 on carguru with the same pattern of black paint failure. Chevy and their dealers have no intention of making repairs.