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2016 Ford F-150 owners come unhinged over cold-weather latch problems

Members of a Ford F-150 forum are upset. Now that cold weather has set in across the country, a number of them are finding that they either can’t get in to their vehicles or in some cases, can’t get the doors to latch.


A new 2016 Ford F-150 owner named Summs says “I have a 2016 F150 Sport. So the first hard freeze here in the NW, and I open my truck door, and it wont latch shut. I cycled the locks, I even used the keypad on the driver side, still no latch. I went and got a hair dryer, finally it latched. Did it the next morning too, so I went back to the dealer.”

Turns out, Summs isn’t alone. An owner who calls himself Outlook says “I got a 2016 XLT SuperCab and the last 2 mornings it was 12* and 1* and the door wouldn't stay closed. I had to get the WD40 out and slam the door pretty hard to go to work.”

CF2 who also lives in the NW is having the same issue on his brand new F-150 XLT Supercrew. “Just had the same issue this morning in northwest. It was about 25 degrees opened door and door would not shut. I have only owned the truck for 2 days.”

Other drivers are seeing an issue where the doors unlock, but won’t open. One forum member was finally able to get a passenger door open and crawl in. “Just did a search to see if there were others with the same problem I am having. It's happened multiple times to me only in really cold weather, I just hold the door and drive after about 10 min it latches. Another cold weather issue I am having is my doors won't unlock, I've been locked out 2 times now! And it's not the door frozen shut, I had to remote start my truck 4 times.”

Others have had to use hair dryers to get their doors to finally open.

Summs isn’t any happier after going to the dealer. “Low and behold Ford has a TSB on this-Technical Service Bulletin. They took my Truck, the fix is to remove the ALL of the doors, and replace lockages and linkages, etc. So there are 3 different part kits, and of course they did not get the right one. The one my truck needs is on back order. Parts wont be ready until the end of January! So they put mine back together, re-lubed and oiled it, and called me and said come and get it! Service dude told me this was probably going to become a Recall item. Does this sound like poor engineering or what?”

The really sad thing about this is that they already had a Technical Service Bulletin about 2015 Ford F-150s for the same thing. “Some 2015 F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew Cab vehicles built on or before 3/25/2015 may exhibit inoperative door latches during or after freezing temperatures.”

So now there is a new TSB for 2016 F-150s. Outlook posted “UPDATE I found the TSB: TSB 16-0155 it is basically an update to the 15-0052. Basically all they did was take out the "vehicles built before 3/15". So that is curious. They now include "some 2015-2017" so they obviously have an issue bigger than some improperly routed cables. Sounds like the beginning of another door latch issue?”

A Boston driver is also furious. “I'm glad I found this thread...I have a new 2017 Ford F350, this morning here in Boston, MA it was 25 degrees, both drivers side and passenger side doors would not unlock with the key fob or key pad, I used the key to get in on the drivers door. After leaving it running for an hour, they worked again. This is BS on a $75K truck....I've been driving Fords for 10 years, never had this issue.”

It seems odd that Ford has had this issue repeated over several years. They weather test their vehicles repeatedly. It is especially surprising to me that they would allow the problem to continue on their most popular vehicles. At least now they have issued a service bulletin, it will be interesting to see if a recall follows.

Mary Conway covered the Detroit Three for more than twenty years for the ABC affiliate, in Detroit. Her affection for the Motor City comes naturally. Her father ran a gas station while Mary was growing up, in Wisconsin. Follow Mary on Twitter at @maryconwaymedia.


J (not verified)    January 2, 2018 - 12:17PM

My 2016 f150 REGULAR CAB, w 5k miles on it today, had a frozen latch and the door wouldnt close. Rhinebeck Ford can come get this hunk of shit and keep it.

MILISSA SHORT (not verified)    March 26, 2018 - 12:24PM

I have a 2017 Ford F150 and the door lock freezes on the drive door once or twice a week. I live in WV and we have freezing weather throughout the year. I have complained to both the dealer and FORD and was told that Ford is aware of the problem and there is NO FIX AT THIS TIME. In other words "they don't care " I would not recommend that anyone buy a FORD. This is my first and last ford!!! They advertise FORD TOUGH and that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS NUMBER ONE. THAT IS NOT FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I have seen that NY has taken a class action law suit against them. GOOD FOR THEM.

Bob (not verified)    November 27, 2018 - 9:15AM

I have a 2017 Ford F150 Super Crew and the same thing happened to me this morning. 29 degrees and after opening the driver's door the door would not latch back. It took over 35 minutes it finally was able to close the door and it latched. I found this by Googling door issues with the F150 Super Crew. I hope they do something to fix this issue or I will be getting another truck and it won't be another Ford. Never had this issue with my 2012 F150 Super Crew.

Ray Anderson (not verified)    January 15, 2019 - 11:19PM

In reply to by Bob (not verified)

Apparently they still haven’t fixed the problem. I have a new 2019 F250 that’s having the same problem. Took it in the first time they replaced a latch. Two weeks later it froze again and the door wouldn’t shut. Finally got it shut then it wouldn’t open. It’s at the dealer as I write this. Told them not to bother calling me in tell it’s fixed right.

Bob (not verified)    January 18, 2019 - 7:42AM

I have 2017 F150 Super Crew and I had the same problem. I got a notice in the mail after I had the issue at 25 degrees. I took mine to the dealership and they put the required guards on the door latches and so far no more problems. We will see. its going to freeze again this weekend so this will tell the story if the fixed the problem. Check your VIN# on the Ford website and it should advise about the recall.

Rob Chaplin (not verified)    January 19, 2019 - 8:23AM

I have a 2018 F150 with 4000 miles and all the door latch are freezing up.
I was told by Ford that the issues were fixed but that is not the case.
Mine goes back to the shop in two days for the second time.

Kenny L Hutchison (not verified)    January 23, 2019 - 6:08PM

I just purchased a 2017 F-150 Super Crew 2 weeks ago. I live in the PNW and a few days ago in the morning went out to the truck and the key fob unlocked all doors except the driver side door. Seemed frozen. I ended up getting in the passenger side and manually opening it. Once I drove it to work. Then it seemed to lock and unlock with no issues after it was warmed up.

Jeremy Mess (not verified)    January 27, 2019 - 4:09PM

I had door problem with my 2015 . It took them 3 times at the dealership to figure it out . Seems ok now . Now the same thing is happening with the tailgate . Great truck if you live where it is not cold , I would not buy one if you live in a cold climate. Kinda a major problem when you door won’t stay shut.

Sandy (not verified)    January 29, 2019 - 12:37PM

Just got a beautiful, low mileage 2015 F-150. Got it home, parked it for a couple days in the garage and found the driver door wouldn't open. Called our local dealership and got an appt. 2 weeks out. They do two of these a day. It's frozen up 2 more times and I don't dare go X-country skiing for fear the other door may also start to freeze up. We've talked to dealers and Ford, but no one can guarantee that won't happen or that the fix on the diver's door will be permanent. The only solution that will allow me to use this truck for the outdoor activities I bought it for, is to have a remote start installed. We have requested that Ford reimburse us for this. The rep my husband spoke to started running around in circles talking about the modem. I guess she was saying to install a remote start requires changing the modem and that nullifies the warranty. We told her that we KNOW that isn't true because Congress passed a law ensuring it doesn't. I don't know where the Ford call center is located, but they obviously have no idea how serious it would be to be locked out your car in below freezing temperatures in the middle of nowhere. The windshield has a sticker bragging that the truck was built in Dearborn - must have been in August.

R Dosanjh (not verified)    January 29, 2019 - 2:32PM

2018 Ford F150 Lariat with 2000 km. Temperature dipped below freezing in balmy British Columbia (-2C) and the passenger door would not slam shut. Took the other car for appointment and had to leave the truck unlocked and wide open on the street. On return warmed the truck for 15 minutes before the door would latch. Needs a safety recall on this product.

Dave Cameron (not verified)    February 5, 2019 - 6:05PM

Live in BC, in balmy Vancouver. Truck is a 2018 F150 Lariat with 1500km on it. It has been in the shop three times. First was a defective LED tail light and warped glove box. Got it back the next day, and drove to Whistler and drivers door would not close after being unlocked. Took it in for the supposed "repair" and waited two days because they had to dry out the truck and installed the "fix". Had the truck for 2 weeks and the next time it dropped below zero, same thing. It is back at the dealer now. They told me that there is likely nothing that can be done if they have already applied the Ford "fix". Time for a class action suit against ford.

Sandy (not verified)    February 7, 2019 - 10:37AM

I was able to get a quick appointment for installation of the remote start, but couldn't get the latch to free up that morning. I was beginning to panic when I remembered other people talking about using the key. Sure enough, it freed right up and hasn't frozen since then, despite below zero temperatures. I'm still keeping the service appointment for the recall though and I don't dare wash it even though the temps are now in the 40's. I'm so sorry to hear all the problems you've had with a brand new truck. It's pretty dispiriting to pay all that money for a vehicle with so many defects. Why don't they just go back to using the door locks that worked. My 2010 never had these issues.

BRETT GRAVES (not verified)    August 23, 2019 - 6:28AM

Isn't our modern technology wonderful?? My 1979 f250 was a dream truck never had an issue! with everything computerized these vehicles are CRAP!
So many recalls its Guinness book of record time! What they have done is made so many gadgets on these vehicles it is just a total cluster fuck...the vehicle doesn't know if it is coming or I am presently rebuilding an older model truck...THE HELL WITH TODAY'S VEHICLES!

John Flynn (not verified)    January 16, 2021 - 8:49AM

2016 Ford F-150 king ranch pickup that I just purchased.
Drivers side door will not completely shut. Always ajar.