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Why Honda HR-V sets all-time sales record for July 2017

Honda’s HR-V subcompact crossover set an all-time sales record in July with an astounding 32.3 % uptick. Why is Honda’s Fit platformed 5-door subcompact hatchback selling so well?


Two years ago sitting on a shaded patio in Miami Beach Florida, I had the opportunity to interview American Honda’s G.M. Jeff Conrad about not only the environmental, “green” direction of the brand, but the future prospects of the then new subcompact Honda HR-V. While Toyota and other makers toyed with the idea of placing an affordable subcompact utility in the lineup, Honda presented a coupe-like 5-door compact hatchback with CR-V derived real time all-wheel-drive, the automotive press remained sceptical.

Sharing a production line in Mexico with Fit, HR-Vs’ production target was 75,000 units per year

Although Jeff Conrad remained relatively conservative as to annual HR-V production targets, the general buzz at the press roll-out event was 75,000 units per year. Now. 2- years into production, one of the more unique offerings in the subcompact Ute segment will surpass all expectations, as production supply catches up with public demand.2017_Honda_HR-V_McCants

From an engineering viewpoint, 2017 HR-V brings affordability, reliability and great utility to the marketplace, without turbocharging. Although not the most powerful or fuel efficient offering in the segment, in weighing the total package and utility that is HR-V, this fun to drive subcompact hatchback leads the segment with total-package-purchase value. Read 2017 HR-V specifications here. The bottom line: Honda HR-V is reasonably priced, easy to own, fun to drive, practical, yet just a tad edgy on the design side. It’s cool! We take Honda HR-V out to the lake for the weekend.

What we like

56,407 units sold through the end of July
Base MSRP: $!9,465
Fuel Efficiency: 33 Hwy/24 City
All-wheel-drive option
Magic Seat ™ flat deck cargo option
Coupe-like good looks

What we’d change

Turbocharge it!
Improved voice command recognition
Quieter cabin