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We find a Black Friday Honda Civic Sales Event, or two

Black Friday comes the day after Thanksgivings Day in the U.S. bringing deep discounts to many retail sales outlets, how about Honda?


With the “Happy Honda Days” sales event in play, what if any “Black Friday Honda” sales incentive will buyers find at their local Honda Dealer? With the 10th Generation Honda Civic Sedan now in production and coming to a Honda dealer near you, Black Friday may be an added opportunity for meaningful savings, when shopping for a 2015 model Honda car, crossover or SUV. Note, I said 2015.

Although perusing the W.W.W., Thursday evening I did find and added discount deal or two out there in cyberspace. Example: Portland, Oregon’s Dick Hannah Honda will match your cash down payment up to $500.00. Not a lot of money, but “better than a poke in the eye with a hot stick,” as my dear departed father use to to say!

Earlier in the fall, Torque News reported on discounts as high as 15% or more found on clearance sale (in dealership inventory) select 2015 and 2014 Honda models. We would not anticipate any great discounts posted on the newly released 2016 Honda Civic Sedan.

However, we do find Dick Hannah Honda of Portland, Kendall Honda of Eugene and others discounting MSRPs, and in the case of Dick Hannah Honda, doubling the limited factory warranty to 10 years 120,000 miles. Not a bad start to a great Black Friday deal.

Historically, Honda Dealers are not known for extending great initial discounts to their buyer, However, times are changing and competition runs high in the compact and subcompact segments.With Accord, CR-V and HR-V sales running at near record highs, expect to find possible added discounts in 2016 Fit, 2015 Civic, 2014 and 2015 CR-Z (if you can find one) and 2015 Honda Pilot.

For those interested in purchasing a 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, you may read our latest Civic review here. Good luck!