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Explore the extreme driving challenge that is ‘World RallyCross’ [Video]

This is “The Challenge of RallyCross.” How crazy is that?

Have you ever wondered what specific driving skills it takes to handle 600 horsepower, insanely high speed, high torque, RallyCross race modified compact cars on a very short mixed surface race track?

Wednesday morning came with an opportunity to share’s latest race related video, fantastic! In it we discover the world’s best RallyCross driver’s including Sebastien Loeb, Petter Solberg, Ken Block and more. You may know Sebastian from his Hill Climb exploits, one heck of a competitor!

“This latest online tutorial explores how the series’ top drivers cope with handling 600bhp across a variety of track surfaces in the world’s premier RallyCross discipline,” says Joe, we’re listening.

Honda Civic had one heck of a first year run in the Red Bull GRC race series

As reported here by Honda-Torque News, our friends at Honda Performance Development, and the Red Bull Global RallyCross HPD Olsberg MSE Civic, and a very commendable run, including several podiums in its first season of what is generally considered to be one of if not the most difficult race disciplines in the sport.

What is RallyCross? Think dual-sport motorcycle racing on 4 wheels, with zero to 60 mph sprint times under 3 seconds -- throw in an extreme transitional turn, followed by a high speed aerial -- while running on a very crowded infield. You’ve got it. This is RallyCross.

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