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2014 American Honda year in review: 2015 Honda CR-V

American Honda Motors is on its way to another record sales year. One of the shining stars in Honda’s lineup is the best selling SUV in North America. Torque News revisits 2015 CR-V.


Sitting next to Honda’s general manager Jeff Conrad on a shuttle to dinner is a rare experience. Having Jeff share with you that his wife has always driven a Honda CR-V is an eye opener. We’re pretty confident that the v.p. and general manager of American Honda Division and his wife can afford to own and operate any car in Honda’s lineup, or any manufacturer for that matter.

Jeff’s comment is a testament to the # 1 selling SUV of any size in North America 7 out of the previous 10 model years. For 2015 Honda CR-V moves to the top sales spot 10 out of 10 years. That’s against all comers including Chevrolet, Chrysler, GM, Jeep and all manufactured imports.

Torque News discovered the difference between segment front runners, Ford Escape, Nissan Rav4, Toyota 4Runner and 2015 Honda CR-V in Huntington Beach, Ca. You may read our drive experience here.

In short, I wasn't a big CR-V fan prior to driving the “substantially new” Honda CR-V. The week before Huntington Beach I’d driven a 2014 CR-V automatic Real Time AWD(all wheel drive) for several days in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. While I found the overall look and utility of CR-V to be exceptional in several categories, the ride was stiff, driver seat uncomfortable and the transitional surface side sway of CR-V annoying; and then there was the interior noise level generated by too much tire and not enough active and passive sound deadening. 2014 CR-V in my view needed some work!

2015 Honda CR-V changed my perception of what a small SUV could be and do. Granted, once again I was driving Honda’s premium offering, the top of the line 2015 CR-V Touring. Priced from ($31,520 + all applicable fees and sales tax) This is by far the plushest, feature packed performance based CR-V to date. Finally, power adjustable heated driver’s seat, quality rear heated seating area with power rear hatch is available for busy moms, grocery shopping or a night out on the town. You may wish to check out 2015 CR-V price and specifications here.

I’m one of those test driver’s that spends some time in the back seat while my co-driver plows through the back road twisties. As the owner of a full size premium crossover, I found the backseat of CR-V exceptionally comfortable and roomy for a compact SUV. At 6 ft 5 inches tall, I discovered more than adequate legroom while keeping my Stetson off of the headliner. Forward and side visibility from the rear is acceptable as is the rear compartment interior noise level.

Our test mule was equipped with a very decent multiple speaker stereo, navigation and active accident avoidance. My young co-driver experimented with LaneWatch. Yes, CR-V will drive itself to a certain extent.

With increased utility and interior volume, greater horsepower and torque, better fuel efficiency, increased sound deadening, greatly improved ride and road handling, already the number one selling SUV in North America when refreshed for model year 2015, the much improved CR-V is setting new month over month sales records for 2014.

Check out Edward Tomilloso of Santa Maria Ca.'s subtle comparison of the 2014, 2015 CR-V

At this point(and I’d never entertained this idea in the past)I’d consider leasing or purchasing 2015 CR-V Touring as my personal driver. Coming from a writer with driving access to everything Honda and Acura, that’s my personal testimony to CR-V. well done Honda!