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Tesla Prepares a Grand Entrance for Giga Texas Opening Party

Tesla is having construction workers prepare a grand entrance for Tesla's Giga Texas factory, which will have its opening event, Giga Fest, on April 7th. We're looking forward to watching this event and seeing deliveries happen shortly after.


Tesla Prepares a Grand Entrance for Giga Texas Opening Party

This pictures shows the entrance of Tesla's new headquarters, Giga Texas, in Austin, Texas. This entrance is being prepared for a grand party at the Tesla headquarters in advance of Giga Fest, which will take place on April 7th. We're looking forward to the final design of this entrance.

Where will the Tesla vehicles made in Giga Texas be delivered to? Will it just be the U.S.? Or will they ship to other areas in the world? Some have asked this question and we think that Tesla won't deliver these cars to Europe due to Giga Berlin opening.

Giga Fest is an invite only event at Tesla's headquarters in Austin, Texas. The factory has gained full approval from the Travis County Commissioners Court. Now we are going to see Model Y vehicles shipped from this huge giga factory.

Tesla will likely send invitations to people soon - you can also watch Elon Musk's Twitter, or follow TorqueNews on Twitter to find out if/when invitations are being sent. There has been some opposition to this event, but it appears to not be stopping it.

First Model Y Vehicles at Giga Texas

We also have video of the first Model Y vehicles made in Giga Texas, being shipped out somewhere. Joe Tegtmeyer flies a drone around Giga Texas shows the first group of Model Y vehicles on transport trucks getting ready to leave Giga Texas. Where are they going?

Are the demo cars? Are they for testing? Are they for sale? Has Giga Texas received its final permit allowing it to sell cars? Some think that some of these cars are getting shipped to Tesla stores to function as demo cars.

Others think that these cars have the 4680 batteries in them and thus will not use them as demo cars and instead for customers because they have 4680 batteries in them. Tesla cannot sell cars made in this factory to anyone in Tesla directly - factory pickup or otherwise. Tesla must ship the cars out of state and then bring them back in when purchased. In my opinion, that is absolutely ridiculous that Tesla has to do that.

We saw produced cars at Giga Berlin many weeks ago, but they weren't for sale, just for testing. There could be a total of 50,000 people that attend Giga Fest. Giga Texas is also bigger than Giga Berlin. I think the reason for this is due to it being Tesla's headquarters and having more land, as well as having a large delivery market.

What do you think of the gran entrance at Giga Texas? What will we see at Giga Fest? Will delivery of Model Y vehicles happen at the event?

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