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Tesla Patents Dual Axis Rotation For Center Screen

Tesla has patented a dual axis rotational mechanism for its center screen consoles. This isn't available yet, but most likely will be for future models

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Tesla Rotational Mechanism

Tesla has patented a device that is very simple and makes a lot of sense. It may be simple, but it's very practical and useful. It's a wonder nobody else has done this. BYD has the ability to rotate its center screens, but it becomes difficult to use as it rotates.

This new feature comes from a dual axis rotation mechanism for the ability to rotate the screen of the Model S and Model X, according to Tesmanium. I think this mechanism would also work for the Model 3 and Model Y as well as the future Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster.

This feature was found by Sandy Munro while tearing down the Tesla Model S Plaid. He saw that it would be possible to do this, however, Tesla hasn't made the feature working yet. It most likely is being worked on still, but will be able to be used for future vehicles and possibly a retrofit for existing vehicles.

While tearing down the Model S Plaid, Sandy Munro found the hidden mechanism for the center screen that can be rotated up or down and toward you so you can see it better.

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Will the Model 3 and Model Y Have This?

It looks like two motors would be installed behind the center screen with an attachment. After some manipulations, Sandy Munro and team explained how the feature would work. This shows that Tesla will continue to improve their cars.

Tesla filed this on May 16, 2022. Tesla has been working on this for a while it looks like. This will be a very convenient feature when FSD is widely released and especially when Tesla vehicles reach a level where a Robotaxi becomes feasible.

Being able to turn this screen toward the driver in the Model 3 or Model Y makes sense, especially if there is a glare or a need to see the screen better. Tesla's device allows for movement along the X axis - a dual axis rotation mechanism.

The rotation component contains another joint for movement along a 3rd axis - the Y axis, though the screen won't move as much along that axis.

It's really interesting that Tesla has this installed well before the patent was granted and well before the feature was implemented across all of its vehicles. I find that fascinating and it shows that Tesla is looking ahead far into the future. This is a very practical feature.

When will Tesla implement this dual axis movement for its center screen across all vehicles? Is this a good improvement?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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