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Is a Tesla Model Y Better Than a Tesla Model 3?

We have a review of the Tesla Model Y and the big question is: Is this vehicle better than the Tesla Model 3? Let's find out!


Is a Tesla Model Y Better Than a Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla's most popular vehicle, with a good amount of space, but it costs quite a bit more than the Model 3. Which car is better overall? Let's find out.

The Tesla Model Y that was shown in this video cost about $80,000 in Europe, with lots of features. The steering wheel on this car is on the other side. The car is controlled by the Tesla app that works to open the frunk of the car, for example.

The front of the car looks a little bit froggy and this owner liked the look of the Model S better. The Model Y looks like a squished version of the Model X. The roof is nice and there is a panoramic view of glass overhead.

The back of the car has quite a bit of space. There is a catch though. This does not include a shelf or anything at the back of the car. You can hide things underneath the floor of the trunk area, but after that, everything is out in the open. Useful if you want to lay down in the car, in my opinion.

There's quite a bit of space in the back with nice leg room. It's a fairly spacious car and the glass overhead is very nice. There aren't any Model Y LFP batteries yet...

The Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a fun car to drive and handles very well. It will outshine the Model Y in that way. There is also a standard range Model 3 available around the world, including the United States, with LFP batteries that lets you charge to 100%.

The Model 3 will not have as much spacious room as the Model Y. If you're looking for a lot of room and shoving a bunch of stuff in your car constantly, the Model 3 may not be for you.

The Model 3 and Model Y have all the same software options - the option for a light show, for navigate on auto pilot, and upgrades to enhanced auto pilot and full self-driving.

The Model 3 is also much cheaper than the Model Y. For instance, I put an order for a Model 3 RWD with LFP batteries that should arrive next month and it cost me a base price of $44,500. This is about $20,000 less than the Model Y long range option, which was out of my price range.

I will be sacrificing just a bit of space for a cheaper car that can charge to 100% with LFP batteries, and that I will mainly use for commutes to work or going out to eat, going to venues or concerts, or going to the gym. I won't be hauling much in my car or needing to tow anything, so the Model 3 makes a lot of sense for me.

Do you like the Tesla Model Y better than the Tesla Model 3? Which one would you get?

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