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Tesla Leaked Source Code Shows Cheaper Model Y Coming Soon

We have some leaked Tesla source code which shows a more affordable Model Y coming soon. Is this the standard range for the U.S.?


Tesla Source Code

We have a video sharing that some Tesla source code that shows a cheaper Model Y coming - possibly the standard range Model Y. We are at the tip of the iceberg for an explosion of EVs (electric vehicles) from Tesla. This Model Y could also have extended range, which could extend the range even on a cheaper Model Y.

You can see an example of this source code here.

Tesla has given 5% to 7% more range to vehicles via over the air updates, for free, in the past. Tesla's batteries will be better for range for different reasons. Tesla will definitely have a cheaper Model Y soon. You can't buy it yet, but it's in the source code for Tesla.

Outside of the United States, Germany, France, etc... you can buy a standard range Model Y - this is the cheaper version, which comes with LFP batteries. The size of the battery pack is similar to the size of the 4680 batteries cell pack. Tesla's 4680 battery cells are a nickel based chemistry and have higher density thatn the LFP batteries. LFP has the advantage of being cheaper and lasting longer, but not having as much Energy density or "power".

Why would the range be bigger then? Nickel based chemistries will usually always have a higher Energy density than LFP batteries. As stated, LFP will have better range and can charge to 100% more frequently. The new 4680 batteries will bring advantages though. It is inevitable that the full capabilities of the 4680 batteries will be revealed to the market. This will make the Model Y lighter as well.

Giga Texas will produce the 4680 battery Model Y. The new battery pack resulted in 279 miles of range. Making the vehicle lighter with a single motor would likely make the range over 300 miles and Tesla will most likely make a Model Y that is the equivalent of the Model 3 RWD with LFP batteries. This could make the long range Model Y obselete...

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Options For Tesla Model Y

The new Model Y is about $62,000 dollars. This is showing in Tesla's configurator. It's possible it may be cheaper than this. But it won't happen until Tesla can ramp production and make a lot of these because 4680 batteries are only at a run rate of 1,000 per week. This needs to get to about 10,000 per week to get to the cheaper cost.

If Tesla makes this in a 7 seat version to qualify for the IRA tax credit, then you could get this for around $54,000, making it the most affordable Tesla Model Y you can buy in the United States. For now, the vehicle is only available in source code, but it seems this will be available soon.

There are some interesting comments on the video from the Electric Viking. The first is that the U.K. has this vehicle already and delivery takes 2-4 weeks per Tesla's website. Tesla may adjust their long range and performance versions to qualify for the $80,000 SUV tax credit.

Another comment said that Tesla can raise the Model Y suspension by 1 inch to make it applicable to the IRA SUV tax credit criteria. Ideally with adjustable suspension - high for tax and terrain, low for highway and track.

Another user says that a standard range Model Y won't return in the U.S. until there is a 4680 battery version of the LFP battery configuration.

It will be interesting to see if people getting knowledge of this wait to order their Tesla Model Y for the better version. I think Tesla needs to offer free supercharging miles or something to help people buy now. Or make it easy to upgrade the battery at a Tesla service center - something like that.

What do you think of a cheaper Model Y coming to the U.S.? Will this happen soon or after this year?

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UPDATE: Tesla has quietly started selling a cheaper Model Y with a 279-mile range and using the 4680 battery pack, but you won't find this variant of Tesla's electric SUV on the configurator yet. This is in addition to last Friday’s price cuts, which I have reported here.

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