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Sandy Munro Says Tesla Model S Plaid Engineering "To Die For"

Sandy Munro says Tesla Model S Plaid engineering "To Die For". This is after multiple videos showing a tear down of the Tesla Model S Plaid, which was made available by generous donations to Munro and Associates.


Sandy Munro Says Tesla Model S Plaid Engineering "To Die For"

Sandy Munro, from the consulting company, Munro and Associates, looked at the under belly of the Tesla Model S Plaid and said he was surprised at the minimal number of casting materials there are in Tesla's vehicles. He says they are leaving all other vehicle manufacturers in the dust.

Because you are getting rid of so many bits and pieces that you don't need, it makes the design slick and easy to build and maintain. Sandy likes the tight build in the Model S Plaid and that most people aren't able to build like that.

After pulling off the cover of the motor of the Model S Plaid, Sandy says "whoa" in a way that says he is pleasantly surprised with what he sees. There is an air tank for the air suspension integrated with all the other parts of the motor.

Sandy says you would have to have the suspension guys, the hydraulic guys, the suspension guys, the electronics guys, and the structural guys - everybody would have to be involved in every decision.

Sandy says that the design of the Model S Plaid shows that the engineers know what they are doing and that the engineers working at Tesla have created a clean look under the hood and is using words like "so smart" and that such collaboration between engineers in different departments is blowing him away.

Further Tear Down of Model S Plaid

There is a cultural difference in the DNA from Tesla to legacy auto makers. They grabbed all the lines and tubes that the Ford Mustang Mach-E uses, which is about 45 different hoses for the thermal system. The weight just from the fluid for those would cause a lack of efficiency.

In contrast, the Tesla Model S Plaid had very few lines and tubes, which would create a high level of efficiency and less weight. Everything in the engineering seems to be in the correct spot and planned carefully. The Model S Plaid is a new generation of vehicle and was referred to as a "package of symphony".

Everything looks tight and engineered. Sandy asks, "Who has got anything like this?" It is an entirely new generation of vehicle and Tesla has done a lot of things to establish themselves as a legitimate auto OEM.

Sandy has worked for almost every legacy OEM on the planet. Constructing a vehicle where you have to cross department lines is almost impossible due to the arguments that happen. With Tesla, you have a symphony and you have to have a different kind of culture in order to make everything work together so well. Every time Sandy saw something in the Model S Plaid, he was impressed. And Sandy Munro is not easily impressed.

Tesla is extremely resourceful in its manufacturing and engineering. There are multiple systems that have to work together well and Tesla has a culture that shows every engineering department is working well together. As the years go on, Tesla will create even better designs and manufacture their vehicles even faster.

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