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2024 Genesis G70 3.3T Has One Big Surprise and Many Small Treats

We tested the 2024 Genesis G70’s top trim and found that it has one superpower and a few neat features we don't often see in this segment. 

The 2024 Genesis G70 is a sports sedan with one big advantage over its peers in the segment. It also has many small details we don't often see in the sport sedan segment. Here is a look at what we found impressive about this $58,350 performance vehicle. 

2024 Genesis G70 3.3T’s Biggest Differentiator
The biggest surprise, we’d almost call it a superpower, of the G70 is that it is not overly harsh and stiff riding. Most of the sports sedans we test are jarring over road imperfections, but not the G70. Despite its low-profile tires, the G70 is comfortable in every driving scenario. Some sports sedans we test are so hard-riding they make themselves unsatisfying. Not the G70. Rather, its ride is almost plush. Yet, it handles and steers superbly. Way to go, Genesis!

Three Small Things That Tip The Balance In Favor of the G70
While testing, we found three ways in which the G70 delivered more than expected in this segment. Here is our list of advantages we feel make it a good choice in this very competitive vehicle class:

1) Spare Tire. Look under the cargo floor of the G70 and you will find not only a compact spare, but tire tools and ample storage space for emergency supplies. That means this is a better grand touring vehicle than many of its peers, that would only offer you a tow and Uber home if you damaged a tire sidewall. 

2) Real Back Seat. If you need a back seat for two adults in a pinch, the G70 can deliver. There are actually three seatbelts, but forget the middle seat unless the occupant is under four feet tall and willing to sit with their knees up to their chin. Still, the outboard seats are more than adequate for full-size people for any trip other than a long-distance haul. 

3) Seat Controls You Won’t See Elsewhere. The G70 offers a set of seat controls that the driver can use to control the front passenger seat. Now, this may sound useless, but it is actually the exact opposite. We used them almost daily in our testing. On some rides, a front passenger is in the vehicle. You move the seats back. On other trips, our passenger was a child who would sit in the passenger side in the back. We moved the front seat forward to maximize that space. Genius. Why doesn’t every vehicle have this?

In addition to these features, advantages, and benefits, the G70 also offers a luxury interior, a gorgeous exterior, and almost 400 lb-ft of torque delivered through the rear-wheel drive-based chassis equipped with all-wheel drive. This is a pure driver’s car with real-world usability. We’d cross-shop the Tesla Model 3 LR AWD and the Acura TLX. However, given Genesis’ warranty, which is nearly double the duration of those competitors, plus three years of included maintenance and valet service, the value proposition tips the way of the G70. 

Image of 2024 Genesis G70 by John Goreham.

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