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Oakley Design builds the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2

Lamborghini has just introduced the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and already a major tuning company has put together their own higher-performance version of the sexy new raging bull – the Oakley Design Aventador LP760-2.


If you are familiar with the modern Lamborghini lineup, you will recognize that the Oakley Design Aventador LP760-2 features a 760 horsepower engine and the “-2” signifies a rear wheel drive layout. However, the new Aventador is only offered as a 700 horsepower, 4-wheel drive layout…so some hopefuls maybe believe that this is the first look at a new variant of the Aventador – hold your horses. Oakley Design has not gotten their hands on the first rear wheel drive Aventadors but rather, they are converting the LP700-4 to a rear wheel drive configuration by removing all of the components associated with the front-drive system. This removes some of the drivetrain loss of the extra wheels along with cutting around 188lbs from the Aventador.

On the outside of the Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2, the tuner has added subtle yet fully functional items that help to improve the aerodynamics and curb weight of the awesome supercar. Oakley replaces the lower front and rear fascia, extending them with carbon fiber tidbits rather than the standard plastic. The side sills and side vents are extended with more carbon fiber items and a carbon fiber engine cover, roof and air vents complete the aggressive exterior of the Oakley Aventador. Finally, a set of lightweight HRE wheels – removing 9 pounds of unsprung mass from each corner – has been added to offer more personality and performance.

Most importantly (especially for those who opt to stick with all wheel drive) is the jump in power from the Aventador’s standard 690 to 760 horsepower. Oakley Design reached this output by adding an ECU tuned to optimize the effects of a titanium exhaust system, a larger airbox and a larger air intake pipe.

Oakley Design plans to build only 5 examples of their 760 horsepower Aventador and three are reportedly already spoken for – leaving just two Aventador LP760-2 units available for purchase. If you happen to have “that kind” of money laying around, you should be quick and contact Oakley Design. Check out their website by clicking here! The company is best known for their work with high performance Porsche models but with recent ventures in the Ferrari and Lamborghini world – Oakley has placed themselves securely on the super-tuner map.

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