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Lamborghini future models forecasted, including Gallardo replacement

The new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has drawn most of the media attention as the newest supercar from Sant’Agata, but according to the Inside Line, it could be a busy few years for the Italian supercar maker with a variety of new models could see production.


Before the new Aventador LP700-4 burst into the limelight just ahead of its 2011 Geneva Motor Show debut, the Sesto Elemento was the big news from Lamborghini. This carbon fiber beauty was said to only be a concept but amidst rumors of the Sesto seeing production, I should be considered that as Lamborghini’s go – it didn’t appear to be that far from production-ready. The carbon fiber hypercar is most likely to be offered in a similar fashion to the Lamborghini Reventon – which had a production limit of just 20 units and a price tag of $1.5 million. According to the Inside Line, the Sesto Elemento could become “the next Reventon” sometime in 2012.

The next rumored (but extremely possible) model from Lamborghini would also come in 2012, in the form of the Aventador Spyder. The Aventador LP700-4 enters the lineup as the replacement for the Murciélago so, like the Murciélago, we can expect a convertible (Spyder) as well as high performance variants – possibly the next SuperVeloce with an upgrade on the standard Aventador’s 700 horsepower.

Next up, there are rumors that the popular Lamborghini Gallardo will be replaced in 2013, with the new supercar possibly being named the Cabrera. Cabrera is said to be one of the foundational bloodlines of Spanish fighting bulls, so that rumored name would nicely fit into the brand’s model name lineup. Like the Gallardo, the Cabrera (or whatever the replacement of the Gallardo is named) would likely receive an open-top model and a handful of limited edition variants like the current Gallardo Bicolore and Tricolore.

Finally, the Lamborghini Estoque sedan that made its conceptual debut at the 2008 Paris Motor Show has been the object of rumors since meeting the world in France, with speculation suggesting that the Lamborghini Estoque sedan would compete with the likes of the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide. Rumors suggest that the Lambo sedan is slated to see production in 2014.

Source: Inside Line

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