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The Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 are sold out

The new Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 saw their official debut less than a week ago but already, there are reports that both of the new Italian supercars are sold out for their first model year.

Bloomberg has reported that Ferrari intends to make 800 units of the unique new “Ferrari Four”, better known as the FF. This is the first Ferrari of its type, with room to seat four and cargo space in the rear packaged in a 2-door configuration mated to an advanced all-wheel-drive system being driven by a 660 horsepower V12. “Wow” is right…and the world has taken notice of the new Ferrari that could be the most versatile supercar ever.

Whether or not it is the most versatile supercar ever or not is likely to be debated but with the Ferrari FF, the Italian automaker enters into a whole new world of prospective buyers. No longer does a Ferrari owner need to rely on another vehicle for when he needs to take the family or a couple business associates somewhere, while also offering typical Ferrari performance for optimized driving enjoyment. This price of this innovative supercar – just $359,000 – and while that might be excessive to the average American, in the past Ferrari owners have had to compromise high performance and Italian luxury if they wanted room for four but not any longer.

Even though the Ferrari FF made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show last week, all 800 of the Ferrari Four’s built in the first model year are official spoken-for.

The other huge Italian automaker news from the 2011 Geneva show was the grand introduction of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (above). In fine Lamborghini fashion, the Aventador is powered by a V12 churning out 700 horsepower to all four wheels, making it one of the quickest and fastest cars in the world. The new Lambo supercar might not seat four like the Ferrari FF, but the Aventador features the cutting edge modern Lamborghini styling wrapped around a carbon fiber monocoque and a luxurious interior spread.

The Aventador LP700-4 is a fitting replacement to the outgoing Murciélago and with a top speed of 217mph and a 0-62 time under 3 seconds, the LP700-4 will help the company to fend off anyone trying to take the claim of being the world’s greatest supercar builder. This new supercar carries a price tag of $370,000 and although 700 units are being offered in the first year (according to Autoblog), all of them are sold out for the initial model year of the new Aventador.

If you have been pining over which new supercar to buy; the $359,000 Ferrari FF that can seat four or the higher-performance, $370,000 Lamborghini Aventador, you should start planning for next year as it looks as though all of the first 1500 examples of these beautiful Italian supercars are sold out.

Source: Businessweek

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