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The Ferrari FF could be the most capable supercar ever

The Ferrari FF is unlike any vehicle ever to come from the Maranello, Italy-based supercar builder so it is fitting that the company would issue a video showing this unique high performance car doing things that no other Ferrari could, including dashing through the deep snow of the mountains and ripping along a rough desert road – showing that the FF is possibly the most capable supercar ever built.

When Ferrari unveiled the new FF, the supercar world was set back on its heels. Never before had the Italian sports car designer offered up a vehicle with the unique shooting brake design, let alone a 2-door with room for 4 people. Add into the equation the high tech all wheel drive system mated to a 600 horsepower V12 via an advanced dual clutch automatic transmission controlled via the paddle shifters on the steering wheel and you have yourself a Ferrari that can take four people on an incredible ride. However, with this new video of the Ferrari FF in action, the company wants to show that the new FF can tackle similar situations to many modern sport utility vehicles while also being able to rip from 0-62 in just 3.7 seconds on dry land.

The video (you can watch it before for yourself) of the new Ferrari FF starts off by giving us a look at the current Ferrari lineup before rolling out onto a closer circuit test track while providing a great sample of the exhaust note from the 600 horsepower V12 at high rpm. Then, the FF heads off to a snow covered mountain – tearing through the deep snow with no sign of a paved road in site. This snow scene portion of the video seems more like something that you would expect from a Land Rover or Jeep commercial with the FF easily roaring through the snow, even nosing through the deep snow at times (as shown above).

Next, the Ferrari FF races through an unnamed city before hitting a twisty back road in a pouring rain – all while seemingly never slowing down due to lose of traction. The video continues to provide amazing sound bites of the monstrous V12 in action, while giving us a look at the interior layout and the dash before heading back off-road in the desert. Once again, although the FF hits the rough off-road areas with the paved roads giving way to what looks to be loose sand, the “Ferrari Four” never bats an eyelash. As the desert portion of the video progresses, we get a glimpse of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi as the video comes to a close – with the FF pausing long enough to give us one last look at the unique supercar before it tears back off into the sunset.

Check out the incredible new Ferrari FF video below and stay tuned to TorqueNews for all of your latest auto industry news!

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