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Ferrari sets sales record in China for 2010

The booming Chinese auto industry may be dominated by highly efficient compact cars but the growing popularity of luxury cars and exotics allowed Ferrari to post their best ever Chinese sales in 2010.

Ferrari sold almost 300 vehicles in China throughout 2010, improving sales by roughly 50% compared to 2009. 2010 marks the 6th year that Ferrari has done business in China, with ten dealerships and a variety of partners helping move the Italian supercars in the rapidly-expanding Chinese auto industry. The automaker claims that with combined sales from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Asian market will rank among Ferrari’s top 5 international sales markets.

Over the past few years, Ferrari has made efforts to boost sales in China including a handful of market-specific special edition models and in 2011, the new Ferrari Challenge race series will make a stop in China. Last year, Ferrari selected the Beijing Motor Show as the venue to unveil the new 599 GTO and the HY-KERS high performance hybrid made its market debut at the Shanghai World Expo.

To celebrate the current success of the Ferrari brand in China, the Italian automaker has planned an event in Shanghai to be held on January 14th, 2011 to honor the 999th Chinese Ferrari buyer. Nine is a lucky number in the Chinese culture and with sales on the rise, Ferrari hopes that their good fortune will continue into the new year as China’s auto industry continues to flourish.

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