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Can a late starter Ferrari cut it on the first try of making EVs

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said on Tuesday that Ferrari is planning to build an electric supercar, which will be the fastest SUV in the market. It's Ferrari's chance to challenge Tesla, but can a late starter cut it on the first try?

Marchionne also said that the future of cars will be electric. Both Bloomberg reports can be read here and here. This comes from a person who said about Fiat 500e “I Hope You Don’t Buy It” – We Lose 14k A Sale.

Almost all automakers now invest in electric cars. What are the chances of a latecomer like Ferrari to make a big progress? On one hand latecomers are latecomers. On the other hand, they can tap on the existing technologies developed by earl starters like Tesla Model S, and Nissan Leaf.

Ferrari's EV Challenge vs Tesla Roadster 2

Ferrari and the vast majority of cars will be electric. "Ferrari’s cars gravitate around their iconic and symphonic engines, and the brand was built around this mechanical soul. Their challenge is then making a desirable car without their biggest differential, without their very spirit: a Ferrari engine. Will they be able to surpass the specs of a Tesla Roadster II? I’d say they have quite a challenge ahead," writes Ze Mario Restini in Electric Cars Facebook group.

On the other hand brand DNA carries a lot of weight when it comes to consumers' view of the company. Some people argue that people with a lot of money don't care if they spend 50 dollars on gas per day.

But Ferrari's challenge here is Tesla's upcoming new Roadster (the Roadster 2). Can Ferrari EV reach as much speed and acceleration that the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster does? You know, this kind of consumer does care about these things. Watch the insane acceleration of the new 2020 Tesla Roadster.

What are your thoughts on this? Can latecomers meet the challenge from early EV manufacturers? Please, write your opinion in the comments section below for discussion.