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A LaFerrari Could Be Crushed Due To A Stupid Reason

Just because you are rich doesn't mean you be above the law.
Posted: April 6, 2017 - 2:55PM
Author: Will Maley

Take for example this story from South Africa. News service Fin 24 reports the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has seized a LaFerrari that was being smuggled into the country for the second time.

This story begins back in 2014 where the owner tried to sneak the vehicle into South Africa without conducting the proper import procedures, which includes paying customs duties and VAT. He was caught and the vehicle was taken away to a warehouse where it would be stored for three years.

Fast forward to February where the owner sent SARS an export declaration to take the car to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The vehicle was released and departed South Africa. However, a day after the vehicle was released, the owner tried once again to get it into the country by using the same border post that the vehicle went through the day before. The amount of stupidity on display here is astounding.

Once again, the vehicle has been detained and the owner issued a letter of intent which basically states the LaFerrari needs to go through proper channels to be imported. Otherwise, the vehicle will be crushed.

It should be noted this LaFerrari has another strike against it as it is left-hand drive. Since 2004, South Africa has deemed it illegal to import LHD vehicles notes Jalopnik.

Pic Credit: Ferrari