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New Video of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with interior shots

The replacement to the long-popular Lamborghini Murciélago – the new Aventador LP700-4 – is set to debut next month at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show but today a video surfaced offering us a great look at the car from all sorts of angles including a look at the interior of the new Lambo supercar.

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The newest Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 video (available below) is a variety of b-roll videos that offer a look at the new Italian supercar from just about every angle and even though it still has the familiar swirl-ouflage but the video leaves very little to the imagination. As you watch the video, make sure that you have your volume turned up because the 700 horsepower V12 packed behind the driver and passenger seats emits the sweet sound of car-porn whether it creeps by at low speed or rolling into the higher RPMs.

As the Lamborghini Aventador in the video zips along some snow-lined roads, the camera angle pops in and out of the car, offering us a look at the interior of the LP700-4 as well as a good example of the interior sound levels of the awesome new sports car. We can see the expected paddle shifters tucked neatly behind the leather wrapped steering wheel and as light flickers across the dash, we can an occasion glimpse of the gauge cluster under the angular hood. It also looks like someone isn’t wearing the seatbelt based on the flashing red light on the left side of the dash but that is neither here nor there.

The video then flashes from area to area, giving us a virtual ride in the new Lamborghini like we were riding along in the passenger seat – while sitting very, very close to the dash. The video also includes ride-along videos watching through the side-view mirrors and out the rear window and along the top of the new V12 engine. Finally the video wraps-up with a gentle launch and acceleration video that is like music to my ears.

Check out the video below (if you haven’t already) and stay tuned to TorqueNews for more Aventador news as we near the official debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show!

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