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Lamborghini rolls out their second Aventador LP700-4 video

Since the formal introduction of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, the Italian automaker has been offering up high quality videos of the new supercar in action and with this newest video, we get a look at two Aventadors playing around on an Italian countryside road.

We brought you the last video of the Lamborghini Aventador this past Monday, offering a look at what would happen if you were driving your new Lambo supercar through the desert during a series of unusual disasters, chock full of fantastic computer generated images of the world seemingly coming to an end. Honestly, if the world were coming to an end, spending the final few minutes driving an Aventador LP700-4 in any way you want seems like a pretty sweet way to go.

However, in the newest video we get a glimpse of not one, but two new Lamborghini Aventadors roaring along the Italian countryside accompanied by dramatic music. Shown in Perlato Arancio Argos (Orange) and what looks to be Bianco Isis (white), this video offers the two new supercars cruising along a variety of very picturesque roads that the video claims is near Rome, Italy. The scenery and back-and-forth racing looks like something fresh out of a modern video game and what is a more enticing way to show off the Aventador than to show two of them battling for the lead in their homeland?

The video closes with the Lamborghinis roaring past the camera as a stone wall appears and Aventador is quickly etched out of it. As the screen fades to black, “Closer to the Road” appears just before the Lamborghini logo spins onto the screen.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is reportedly sold out in its first year so it’s nice to see the Italian automaker roll out these amazing high def videos for the automotive world to drool over. Check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user kn6to and the links below offer a look at other Lamborghini videos and news.

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(Image captured from the Lamborghini video)