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Elena Ford arrested for drunk driving near Detroit

Elena Ford is Ford Motor Company’s director of global marketing as well as being the great great granddaughter of company founder Henry Ford but as of Sunday night around 11pm – Elena Ford is also an accused drunk driver.


While driving her all-new 2011 Ford Explorer around 11pm Sunday night on 9-mile road near Woodward, Elena Ford lost control of her new SUV – running up over the curb and driving on the median before regaining control and maneuvering back onto the correct driving surface. She didn’t hit anything but a Ferndale police officer saw this happen and he pulled Ford’s Ford over at which point she was given a field sobriety test…which she failed.

Drunk driving is certainly something that is looked down upon – especially when you are SO drunk that you are swerving on and off of the road but this story gets even worse. It turns out that Elena Ford’s 11- year old son was riding in her 2011 Explorer at the time of her drunk driving incident. After the 44-year old Ford failed the sobriety test she was arrested, her 2011 Explorer was impounded and her son was taken home. Ford has been charged with driving while intoxicated and child endangerment by the City of Ferndale and she is expected to appear in court today so there could be more news on this situation by day’s end. Ford Motor Company has declined comment since this is a “personal matter”.

Luckily no one was injured by the incident but for an automotive executive who is also a possible heiress to the company throne, a drunk driving charge could prove to be a nasty black-eye for Ford Motor Company.

Source: The Detroit Free Press, WXYZ

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