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C8 Corvette Revs and Races Away for the Museum Crowd (Video)

The mid-engine Chevy supercar rolled through the parking lot of the annual museum “bash”, marking the first appearance of this type.


The mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette might just be one of the worst-kept secrets in recent automotive history, so when Mary Barra arrived at the Stephen Siller Foundation gala in New York City in a camouflaged C8, it wasn’t a huge surprise. Well, it was a huge surprise that General Motors chose to finally acknowledge the existence of the program in such a manner, but the long-awaited announcement that the next generation Corvette is on the way – and it has a mid-engine design – came as no surprise to anyone.

Since that unexpected NYC debut, the company has rolled out the first image of the new Corvette, but at this past weekend’s National Corvette Museum Bash, GM wowed the crowd with an in-person look at the mid-engine Chevy. Mind you, it was heavily camouflaged, but event attendees got to hear the C8 idle through the parking lot with a few quick revs, along with a fairly hard pull when the car left the facility.

Thanks to the official YouTube channel of the National Corvette Museum, we can all get a look at the C8 Corvette test mule at the Bash.

C8 in Motion
In the video below, one of the C8 Corvette test cars rolls into the front parking lot entry area of the National Corvette Museum with hundreds of event attendees lined up with their phones in hand, ready to capture history in the making. As you can see, this car is wearing more camo than the unit that Juechter and Barra were driving in New York, with heavy cladding on the grille, over the glass rear hatch and over the taillights. That is in addition to the black-and-white vinyl wrap that covers most of the vehicle, hiding the lines, the headlights and everything that isn’t a wheel, a vent or a piece of glass.

As the car creeps through the circular driveway of the museum, the driver gives the engine a few revs, quickly making his way back out to the road. As the Corvette disappears into the distance, the driver gets into the throttle just enough to let us hear the roar of the engine and one quick shift of the automatic transmission.

Again, this is really just another teaser of sorts, but it was a cool opportunity for the folks on hand at the NCM Bash while also giving us all a chance to hear the C8 Corvette under very light throttle.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!