Tesla Model 3 second unveiling
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When Is the Tesla Model 3's Second Unveil: Few Ideas

Nearly half a million people who have pre-ordered Tesla Model 3 are waiting for the second unveiling of the vehicle, but no one knows when that will be. Here are few ideas and you are welcome to write your own date of anticipation.

I am reading Tesla's Model 3 forum and people discuss few ideas about the possible time of second unveiling of Model 3. Will there be an announcement at the end of this month at the July 29th opening of the Gigafactory? Or should we wait for later this year, or even next year.

One person commented and said if Tesla engineers are wrapping up the final design of the Model 3, he anticipates at least few months before Model 3 is revealed for the 2nd time officially. Tesla engineers need to build the prototypes, then figure out the Model 3 options. As normally happens with other automakers, Tesla may tweet some teasers of Model 3 before the second unveiling. He says he wouldn't count on the full reveal until late this year or early next year.

Another person in the group think that the second unveiling of Tesla Model 3 should be very close. "Elon will come out with his Secret Master Plan version 2 some time this week," he writes. He is expecting a big Tesla announcement at the end of the year. By that time the Model 3 will be nearer the production. But who knows what Tesla SEO has in mind.

As you may know, Tesla and Panasonic have decided to speed up the start of the production and have moved it from the beginning of 2017 to November of 2016. If they are moving the production of Model 3 from the beginning of 2017 to November of 2016 that means they will have to have the options ready at least a month of two before November of 2016 so people can finalize their orders in regard to options.Two months before November is late August or early September.

Therefore, we should expect a big announcement regarding Tesla Model 3 at the opening of the Gigafactory on July 29 of 2016. After all, I don't think they will be there "empty handed." Do you?

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