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Every Tesla Model 3 Owner Will Still Have a Sci-Fi Tesla Car

Once the public learned that Tesla will not send free Superchargers to the Model 3 owners, the topic is being actively discussed by many Tesla and EV owners in online forums. Most of the people seem to be disappointed because of the lack of free Superchargers. But here is one opinion, which says "everything is fine," and here is how you will still save more money.

This is a Jens Bayer from Berlin and from Tesla Owners Worldwide group on Facebook. Here is what he says.

Everything is fine. Every Model 3 owner will still have a Sci-Fi Tesla car and when they come up with something like a flat-rate on supercharging, you will save a lot of money compared to ICE drivers.

And i am sure: If you look into the future you don't have any reasons to worry. Because charging your car everywhere for almost no money will get then something total normal. You will charge for free while you are staying in a nice hotel. You will charge your car perhaps for free while you visit your next supermarket, or shopping-mall, ore something similar. You will charge for free over night on your next rented apartment, cause they build this right ahead on the street and the service is included into your rental fee. and so on.

Compared to gas stations there are so many more possibilities, that we can't imagine now what comes next and how well that will be!

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